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Hey, have you guys heard about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman? LOLOL OF COURSE YOU HAVE, we are all internet-savvy human beings who know how to read Twitter. But hot on the news of one superhero's journey (sure!) is this even better one: Warner Bros and designer Lauren Moshi are teaming up for a superhero collection.

In an interview with WWD, Moshi revealed that "these iconic characters are part of my childhood" and "the Lauren Moshi customer can really relate to them."

The characters she's referring to range from Superman to Wonder Woman who, let's just add, deserves a movie of her own. (But I'm sure we'll get there eventually.)

However, this collection isn't just about logo T-shirts and miss-matched accessories. Moshi and Warner Bros are taking their lines seriously, and will offer capsule collections based on each character. In each collection there'll be 30 to 35 pieces, with prices ranging from $98 to $202 for the likes of dresses, shirts and bags. That's right: this isn't your teenage superhero fashion tribute.

The Lauren Moshi/Warner Bros collaboration will debut in U.S. stores at the end of this month, with the last capsule collection dropping in February. You can also get them online at Bloomingdales.com and Revolveclothing.com, so don't let Affleck as Batman get you down*.

*Though for the record, I mean, it's not that bad of a casting choice, is it?

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