5 Household Items You Can Workout With

Don't have the space or money to build an epic home gym in your place? You don't need any of the above. A totally sufficient DIY gym can be made using household items you likely already have on hand. Stock up your space with these, pump up some jams, and you're good to go. (Now, you just need the time and motivation to work out!)
For a simple ab roller hack, lay down on a towel with th edge under the middle of your head. Grab the two corners on either side of your head, and use it to help pull yourself up into a crunch position. Or, for a shoulder strengthening workout, straighten your arms over your head while holding an end of the towel in each hand about 20 inches apart. Keeping your arms over your head, pull with each hand as hard as you can. Hold, and repeat. 
Kitchen Chair
For chair tricep dips, hold the edge of the chair with the heel of your hands, with your legs out in front of you. Lower yourself down and up, keeping your body straight. For an ab workout, lie on your back on the floor in front of the chair and rest your calves on the seat. Put your hands behind your head and lift up to a crunch position, keeping your ab muscles engaged. 
Soup cans
Soup cans make great lightweight dumbell substitutes. If you want more weight for strength training, fill a water bottle with sand (a 1.5 Litre bottle of water weighs about 3.3 Lbs.) Do lunges with these in each hand and bring them toward your body with each lunge and you'll work your arms and gluts at the same time. 
Skipping rope
Skipping ropes are a handy home gym must, not only because jumping rope is a high intensity cardio workout if you've got concrete or hardwood flooring, (if not, do it on a yoga mat), but it's great for stretching. After your cardio workout, lay on your back with the rope around your foot, lift your leg and you've got a great controlled hammy stretch. 
To work your obliques, hold a broom on your upper back and hold it at each end. With your feet shoulder width apart, bend your upper body forward until its parallel with the ground. Then twist your right hand down slightly toward your left foot, and your left foot toward your right foot. Or, work your obliques and love handles with a broom while seated. Hold a broom behind your shoulders, twist to the right side, then back to centre. Then twist to the left, and back to the centre using slow controlled movements. 

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