Bieber Fever continues to climb

If anyone was previously immune to Bieber Fever, I’m willing to bet that after his stint on SNL this past weekend, resisting his charms is no simple feat. (And I say resisting his charms in a way that is completely appropriate and not entirely weird.) The fact of the matter is that Justin Bieber is everywhere, and just when you thought you could escape, he breaks another record that will undoubtedly secure full publicity coverage for up to six months.

The boy wonder’s new album has found itself the Billboard 200 for another week, thus pushing Usher out of the picture and making Justin the youngest male artist ever to have a #1 album for two weeks or more. Not too shabby.

On top of that, within its first three weeks out, My World has gone on to sell 676 000 copies “ which is more copies the Jonas Brothers were able to sell of their latest release in its entire run. Wow. (And to think we were once all dazzled by the likes of Hanson “ who have also just released a new video, for those born before 1991.)

So how long before a younger act comes out to prescribe an alternative to Bieber Fever? (It seems to be inevitable, after all.) Kind of puts our pre-teen existences at the mall into perspective, doesn’t it?

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