Beware the knockoffs

While Ugg boots are already the antithesis of fashion-forwardness, their knockoffs have been proven to do one worse: by physically breaking people’s feet.  (So they’re not now only offensive, they’re dangerous, too.) 

A study in the UK has recently revealed that unlike authentic Uggs, knock-offs offer zero foot support and have resulted in an onslaught of problems.  As stated by Dr. Ian Drysdale of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, With each step, the force falls towards the inside of the foot, and the feet splay [flattening] the arch and [making] it drop.  Yikes.

So when most of us (because let’s face it: at one point or another, we’ve all bought them) embraced our $20 poor man’s versions (literally) and laughed in the face of those shelling out top-dollar, the last laugh was actually on us.

However (if you’re still not ready to let them go), safe knock-off alternatives have already been found in the form of an ergonomic sheepskin alternative “ for only $198 – $268.  (Seriously?  Aren’t Uggs actually less?)  But until these hit the shelves in fall 2010, it’s knockoffs, the real deal or bust.  (Again, literally.)

The silver lining?  It’s nearly sandal season.

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