“Berry” Nice Indeed

If trips to India and Thailand didn’t confirm jet-setting lovebirds Katy Perry and Russell Brand are head over heels, Perry’s new engagement ring did the trick.

On a recent trip out in London Perry debuted her dazzling diamond, reportedly purchased from Cartier shortly before the couple’s trip to India (Perry nice indeed!). After dating since September of last year, Brand, 34, & Perry, 25, became engaged on New Years Eve.

Needless to say, this all comes as a wee bit of a shock to myself and fellow Brits.

Outrageous comedian Brand is best known in North America for his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, playing a notorious lethario and ex drug-addict. Meanwhile in the U.K Brand has been on the scene for years, regularly featured in tabloids for being¦a notorious lethario and ex drug-addict. The Sun has even named an award after him: The Russell Brand Shagger of the Year Award, bestowed on a British celeb in recognition of achieving multiple high-profile relationships with a bevy of babes. Class.

Alas, it seems the honour will have to go to someone else this year, as Britain’s infamous playboy bad-boy is ready to hang up his boots. He kissed and girl and he liked it, and even though they’ve only been dating four months, if Twitter is anything to go by¦it’s love.

The celeb couple dubbed Berry can be seen in the upcoming Get Him to the Greek, slated for release in 2010.  

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