The Bachelorette, Season 10, Episode 10 Recap: The Men Tell ALL!

The two-hour episode, really geared to just keep the momentum going and get their views up, kicked off with a very pregnant Ashley and JP on stage where they were going to find out the sex of their baby-to-be. Surprise! It’s a boy!

Next up was a preview of the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise—stay tuned for some of our expectations and weekly recaps—which hits TV August 4. The new show promises a serious amount of tears and drama with some of the most memorable past Bachelors and Bachelorettes—including Andi’s most recent rejects: Cody, Marquel, Tasos, Dylan and Marcus.

Finally, all the guys came out—each of them wearing one of their trendy man scarves (which I actually entirely blame my friend for—he complained so much about the plethora of scarves on this season) and we took a look back on the season and some of the drama so far. Marquel was the first to address some of the drama about Andrew and his allegedly racist comments, but took the high road and didn’t seem to be holding a grudge. Until, of course, Andrew accidentally called Marquel Ron (not helping his case), and then it got just a little bit worse when Chris Harrison showed the tape of Andrew whispering into JJ’s ear—but who knows what he really said. Then Andrew decided to tell JJ he has no credibility because he didn’t approach Andrew directly, but went to Marquel in a gossipy way (boys are so dramatic). Then sturdy, honourable Farmer Chris decided to step in and say that everyone has to handle things like men, which Marquel really was trying to do when Andrew kept deflecting the issue. Marquel was the most diplomatic about everything, saying that while he does take JJ’s word for it because they’re friends, he’s not going to sit and point fingers at Andrew—Andrew responded by saying he wanted to shake hands at the end of all this.

Marquel got the hot seat first, wearing an adorable little cookie pin on his lapel, and we went back to see the connection that Marquel had with Andi—cookies and all. Marquel admitted that if he could go back he might’ve taken more initiative with Andi, though she just had a better connection with some of the other guys—and that’s okay. He just didn’t get the memo that everyone else was already kissing Andi. And then Chris Harrison asked if he would maybe do some things different in Paradise…? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned for that show. But before Marquel headed off, he whipped out his signature cookies, making us fall in love all over again.

Marcus was next up, having been the first to tell Andi that he loved her and was totally crushed when she sent him home (as were we). When cameras went back to Marcus, he was even emotional watching it again, saying that he had a really hard time reliving it after everything. Even though he was excited to see Andi again, he did still have questions as to why and what changed from one week to another. At the time he really did love Andi and he took it very seriously and he felt embarrassed when he had his heart broken. And once again, Chris Harrison asked the question about paradise… Yes, Marcus is coming back, ladies!

And then, Farmer Chris. Le sigh. Watching Andi and Chris together at the end was absolutely heart wrenching, knowing this poor Iowa farmer was getting his heart smashed into pieces after proclaiming his love again and again. In the end, Farmer Chris just wished he’d had more time with Andi to show what he was willing to do for love. Chris Harrison asked when FC would go from here, and he said he didn’t know—and then a woman from the crowd piped up and made her way up to the stage to ask FC a question. And, well, Farmer Chris kinda got a date out of this. The girl, Kesha(?) from a small Canadian town, wanted to know if FC wants to date a girl from Iowa—he said he wasn’t really sure. But Chris Harrison, always helping love bloom, set the two up on a speed date during commercial break. (Though we were sort of hoping they would take the time to announce Farmer Chris as the next Bachelor.)

Right before Andi came out, Farmer Chris sealed the deal by securing this Canadian girl’s number and sent her off with a hug. Then Andi came out, looking a little nervous to be so close to so many exes, but when address by FC, she said Iowa was her favourite hometown date, but in the end she just couldn’t see herself living there. Marcus asked if she felt intimidated he was so open so quick. She responded by saying she didn’t feel the same way, but she wasn’t intimated—she just couldn’t get there as fast as him. After Cody said his piece, “Cookie Monster” asked for some closure and accused Andi of being too shy to kiss him, thinking everyone who had a one-on-one date got a kiss—Cody quickly shut that down.

Chris Harrison addressed Andi’s pregnancy rumours—no, she’s NOT pregnant, guys. Then Chris gave us something fun. Remember those lie detector test results that Andi apparently ripped up? Nope. Chris still had them and decided to let us in on them. Of the truthful men: Pantsapreneur JJ, Farmer Chris and Brian. But, three guys DID lie: Marcus, Dylan and Josh, who is still in the running for Andi’s heart. Dylan was confronted about his lies: he actually prefers blondes and is not ready for marriage—but he totally owned up to not always washing his hands after going to the bathroom. Then it came down to Josh: did Andi want to know what he lied about? Chris Harrison said yes, as did the others, but Andi wanted to trust Josh and leave the lies hidden.

Then we got the blooper reel—yes, it exists. From flushing toilets in the background while Andi is professing her love to the camera, to breaking glasses and knocking over chairs, the cameras caught it all. The icing on the cake? Some of the boys dancing around looking absolutely adorbs. And, in case you’re curious, Brian is apparently terrified of pickles. Yup, PICKLES.

Before signing off, we got a final look at the last two contenders: Nick and Josh. Who will Andi choose?!? Stay tuned for next week’s Final Rose and After the Final Rose recaps and our weekly Bachelor in Paradise recaps, starting August 5th!

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