The Bachelorette, Season 10, Episode 1 Recap: #TeamAndi

Sometimes you really do get second chances. After a tumultuous ending to her relationship with “ess hokay” bachelor Juan Pablo, our fave bachelorette Andi is back and this time she’s the one calling the shots. A smart, gorgeous prosecutor with a closet to kill for, Andi doesn’t take sh*t from anyone (as we saw with her and JP) and really wants to find love and a husband while having fun—plus this girl is wise beyond her years saying things like “falling in love should be fun” in the first five minutes of the season premiere. And while we’re sure there won’t be any guys worse than that disaster from last season, we’ll be watching as Andi navigates her way through the 25 eligible bachelors on her quest to find love.

Andi’s sister came to help her get ready to meet her bachelors-in-waiting and in an nude and jewel-encrusted gown, a nervous and giddy Andi went to the mansion (a familiar place for her) to meet her future dates.

Marcus: a little shaky, but oh-so-freaking-cute—enough that Andi said he was hot

Chris: the farmer who got two hugs

JJ: the “pantsapreneur” (Is this a thing? Can I get it on it?) who is excited to kick off the “love quest”

Marquel: the snappy dresser

Tasos: gave her a lock to recreate what they would do if they went to Lover’s Bridge in Paris (also he looks 12)

Cody: the Jersey Shore-looking personal trainer who showed off his muscles by pushing his limo up the driveway

Steven: the Cali boy who was “stoked” to teach Andi how to surf

Rudie: tried the attorney humour on Andi (we’re sure she’s never heard that before)—also a surfer

Carl: the (HOT) firefighter who gave her a little atlas for where they are starting their journey together

Jason: the (weird) doctor who diagnosed Andi with a fever because she looked really hot

Nick V: the polka-dotted tie-wearer

Dylan: the nervous accountant who seemed to make Andi a bit smitten when he forgot everything he was going to say when he saw her

Patrick: who brought a soccer ball warranting Andi’s comment “oh we have another soccer player here?” even though he assured her he’s nothing like the last soccer player she met

Emil: “Anal with an ‘m’”

Brett: who brought Andi a lamp (stolen from his hotel room) because you should “never greet a lady empty-handed”

Craig: popped champagne as soon as he got out of the limo because he wanted to celebrate that she was the bachelorette

Ron: Israeli-Barbadian sweet-talker

Bradley: the opera singer who wants to serenade Andi later on

Josh B: was impressed with Andi last season and was so excited to meet her

Nick S: the pro golfer who rolled up in a golf cart

Brian: he’s just… cute

Andrew: pointed out how nice Andi + Andrew sounded

Mike: the surfer-looking bartender (aka Camps) who gave her his number

Eric: (may he RIP) who gave her Peruvian dolls and was just so freaking sweet

Josh M: she’s the only reason he’s there and he lives in Atlanta (Awww!!!)

At the cocktail party, Andi got to chat with the guys a little more and seemed so shocked everyone was so excited she was the Bachelorette (as if anyone would turn her down #girlcrush). Josh M was one of the first to snag some alone time with Andi and she admitted that he was entirely her type, but she stayed guarded and told him that she’d throw him in the pool if he didn’t like sushi (luckily for him, he’s down with sushi). Marquel made Andi some cookies (ummm if he gets kicked off, can we get some of those?!) and did a little taste test with her. Eric (oh, Eric. I’m so insanely sad about this guy) started to win Andi over at the prospect of getting to travel together as he embarked on his adventure around the world.

Chris Harrison brought the first impression rose out and, naturally, the tension started to set in, but Andi seemed to be enjoying a lot of the guys—particularly the ones that brought her pants and gave her golf lessons. Even though Tasos’ little lock routine made this writer vomit in their mouth, Andi was already getting a thing from him. The other immediate connection was the 10-siblinged Nick V. Patrick, he and Andrew started to bond in a weird bromancy way, but I guess that’s better than fighting.

But then, there was the party crasher… Chris Bukowski (remember him from Emily’s season and Bachelor Pad?) who wanted to crash the party and have a chance to vie for Andi’s heart because he was so taken with her last season. And even though she thought it was nice that he wanted to meet her so bad, the always-plays-fair Andi wanted it to be fair for the other bachelors and told Chris Harrison to send him off, though Bukowski didn’t seem to want to go since he’d been waiting outside the mansion for almost a week (CREEPER). Finally Chris Harrison talked him into leaving, though Bukowski was definitely bummed. 

Andi was absolutely adorable and gushing over how she was possibly going to pick whom to give roses to. She sat down with Farmer Chris and she seemed to connect well with him. Marcus wowed Andi with his looks—so much that she said he was hot like five times in a row. (“He’s hot. He’s hottttt.” He’s HOT.”) In the end, she gave the first impression rose to Nick V (warranting a bullseye on his back from some of the other guys), even though she’s not someone she would normally gravitate to, Andi couldn’t stop gushing to him about how cute and sweet he was. 

Going into the first rose ceremony, some of the guys were seriously nervous—particularly the ones who didn’t really get the chance to make their mark on Andi (plus, no one wants to go home on the first week). Andi opened up the rose ceremony thanking all of the guys for even being there and sacrificing their time to be there with her knowing that some of them may go home.

In the end, Andi had to send home six guys (including Anal/Emil) and seemed genuinely sad that she had to send some of those guys home (including the Thor lookalike—she may regret that one later), though she basically dodged a bullet on Josh B. who basically threw a tantrum after he was booted. With this season heading to Marseilles, Venice and Brussels, we're sure there's going to be an abundance of smooching and candlelit dinners—let's just hope Andi doesn't get duped this time around. 

Coming up roses: Nick V., JJ, Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Josh M., Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Ron, Carl, Farmer Chris, Dylan, Brett, Patrick, Cody, Nick S.

Kiss count: Nada! (for now…)

Bachelors to watch: Nick V., Tasos, Farmer Chris, Marcus, Marquel (we want more cookies)

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    • Melanie
    • May 20, 2014
    Ok so I may be the only one feeling this way, but I’m TOTALLY into Brett with the lamp. Yea, maybe he should’ve popped over to ikea and bought a little lamp, but his entrance was memorable and hilarious.

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