The Bachelor Canada, Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Under the Tuscan Sun

Upon arriving at their private castle in Tuscany—complete with a gorgeous view and pizza waiting for them—tensions are already running high since hometown dates are only a week away. To be sure he has time to make the right decision, Tim decided not to give out roses on the dates, but to get his decision made, the first date had to be under way—and shockingly, Trish had the first one-on-one date. The girls that were left behind got to talking, and Sachelle expressed her concerns that some people were maybe there for the wrong reasons.

On Trish and Tim’s date, they chatted and strolled through the streets looking like a postcard, they stopped a couple of times to smooch before parking on a piazza for some dinner and vino. Tim opened up that he was happy he could be “silly” around Trish but that he was scared of falling for someone and getting rejected (even though he’s picking the girls in this particular situation, but okay). And as if going on a date in Tuscany wasn’t enough, Tim gave Trish a DIAMOND—okay not the whole thing, but he did give her a pricey-looking set of diamond earrings and matching necklace. I mean, it’s only like their first official date, but sure, diamonds are necessary. After the diamonds had been given, they had a romantic dance while Trish starting falling head over heels for Tim.

Back at the castle, there was another date card waiting. The next group date was going to be an awkward one with Kaylynn, April and Lisa trying to share Tim’s time. But before the most awkward date ever, there was the most awkward moment ever. As if Tim weren’t enough, while the girls had some down time, they went to a pub in Tuscany and Lisa MADE OUT WITH SOMEONE (does this count for an extra kiss? Sure, why not?), pissing off the other girls to no end. Sachelle was the first one to speak up, saying that she wasn’t going to tell Tim what happened. Lisa was of course very defensive and disrespectful when Sachelle was being genuine that she wasn’t going to be the one to do it, while Kalynn talked about how disrespected she felt with her classic teary-eyed look (I can no longer tell when she’s actually crying).

On the group date, Kaylynn, April and Lisa had to paint a topless Tim and the best rendition of this Canadian masterpiece would get some one-on-one time with him. And because she’s the devil, she naturally has many hidden talents, including painting, Lisa got the second half of the date with just her and Tim. Sitting on a rooftop having drinks with the best view ever, Lisa was notably nervous, but didn’t seem to be opening up to Tim about the thing that she should’ve been telling him—instead she felt as though kissing someone else was the feeling of security she needed to know that Tim was for her. She DID NOT tell Tim what happened because every time she opened up her mouth, his tongue went in it instead. It wasn’t until they were walking back to the castle did Lisa FINALLLLLLLYYYY say something to him. The way she told him was almost a “whoops I slipped and his tongue landed in my mouth” kind of situation, and while she cried, Tim hugged her (?!?!).

At the hotel, Sachelle got the solo date she was hoping for while Kaylynn and April return looking dejected and prompting the bitchfest that was obviously coming between the girls. Even though Tim still had questions for Lisa, he was excited to spend some time with Sachelle making pizzas. Looking snuggly and adorable making what looked like a pretty damn good pizza, Sachelle couldn’t help but focus on what happened with Lisa. Obviously, Tim didn’t get the whole story, but Sachelle let it all out that Lisa actually made out with the guy and it wasn’t as much of an accident as Lisa had made it seem. With a definite mood dampener on their date, their definitely wasn’t the sparks Sachelle was hoping for on her one-on-one time.

At the rose ceremony, Tim didn’t seem like his normal chipper self, but decided to go with his gut on who to move forward with. To agonize all of the viewers, just as Tim was about to choose between crying Kaylynn and Lisa, he pulled Lisa aside to hear her say how she felt about him—it seemed a bit halfhearted and pointless, but it obviously did a number on duped Tim because Kaylynn was sent packing.

Next week Tim heads to the ladies’ hometowns to meet their families!

Coming up roses: Trish, Sachelle, April and Lisa

Bachelorettes to watch: Lisa

Kiss count:  Trish, LISA AND SOME RANDOM GUY (Episode – 2; Season – 12)

Cry count:  Lisa, Kaylynn (Episode – 2; Season: 10.5)

Cat fight: (Episode – 0; Season: 0.5)

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