8 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies for the Fraidy Cats

Halloween is VERY SOON you guys.

I love Halloween a lot. I love it so much that most years it is a bit of a problem. Like, I can never get my friends as excited as I am to wear silly outfits and dance around and do spooky things. Why doesn’t everyone want to wear silly outfits all the time? Unsolved mystery.

Funnily enough, one thing I do NOT like about Halloween is the actually being scared part. I am a big stinking wuss when it comes to the scary stuff; I have never read a Stephen King novel, I do not want to sit through anything in Wes Craven’s filmography, I still haven’t watched Stranger Things because one time someone told me it was kind of scary.

So while everyone is queuing up The Exorcist and Carrie in their DVD players, I will be marathoning these only slightly spooky cult classics and sleeping soundly free from bad dreams.

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Practical Magic


One of my favourite movies about witches (and that is a tough contest). This was a sleepover staple when I was a kid and inspired some (probably) harmless spell casting and sé©ances. This one has some parts that are a little scary, but if you are watching with your witchiest friends then you will be safe. Does anyone have a Ouija board I can borrow?

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