10 TV Badasses We Won’t Forget

Television brings a bevy of characters to life and while they may be fictional, there are certain personalities we see on the small screen that we simply can't stop watching. Both females and males are catapulted into the spotlight and whether they're good or evil, or both, it's hard not to give credit to those unforgettable names that we can always treasure. Here are 10 staple roles that should never fade our memory.

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Jessica Jones from Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter was meant to play the protagonist in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Unapologetic, tough, blunt, hilarious and a crusader against evil, Jessica Jones has no problem telling you off while smiling into your soul. Her past is as dark as her all-black coats and she doesn’t shy from keeping her fight on, even if it is shooting the man she has feelings for”it’s complicated. Ritter’s performance is so convincing too, that’s what makes the character actually relatable and someone we’d definitely like on our side. Just make sure she has her whiskey traveler or you’ll be getting more than some side eye.

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