Holiday Survival Tips According to Love Actually

Richard Curtis' 2003 film Love Actually truly is a piece of cinematic genius. It's one of those rare Christmas movies that are so good and have so many other themes woven into them, that you can get away with watching it in the middle of July without feeling like you've done something wrong. And you know what else is great about Love Actually? It gives some solid ass advice. About love, about work, about relationships, about friendships, and of course”about the holidays. So here are six pieces of advice to get through the rest of December, courtesy of Hugh Grant and co.

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Family comes first (always)


Poor Sarah (Laura Linney). She’d been obsessed with her coworker Karl for years, hopelessly gazing at him and stumbling over infrequent desk-passing conversation. Then finally, by some sort of unexpected twist of fate, she got him! And when they were about to have sex, she got a call from her mentally ill brother. And as soul-crushing as it was to watch, she did the right thing and put her brother first. ¨The same mentality can be applied to gift giving and the holidays in generally, really. And by this I mean family in the overarching sense, of course (friends and loved ones included). If you’ve only got the cash to buy gifts for a few select people, prioritize accordingly. From another POV: I spent last Christmas working all day”which comes with the territory of the field that I work in, but still”not ideal. Don’t let anything, whether it be Karl between your sheets or unread emails in your inbox, come in the way of spending time with those you love this holiday season. ¨

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