Holiday Survival Tips According to Love Actually

Richard Curtis’ 2003 film Love Actually truly is a piece of cinematic genius. It’s one of those rare Christmas movies that are so good and have so many other themes woven into them, that you can get away with watching it in the middle of July without feeling like you’ve done something wrong. And you know what else is great about Love Actually? It gives some solid ass advice. About love, about work, about relationships, about friendships, and of course”about the holidays. So here are six pieces of advice to get through the rest of December, courtesy of Hugh Grant and co.

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Don’t leave anything for the last minute

Because if you do, then you’ll have to deal with a guy like this:

Rowen Atkinson in Love Actually.

Harry (Alan Rickman, RIP, I miss and love you) never would’ve gotten himself into the infamous necklace debacle if he hadn’t been doing his shopping last minute in the first place. Perhaps if he had set off to buy his receptionist Mia an expensive necklace a few weeks prior, he would have realized what a foolish decision it was earlier and prevented his wife from finding it at all. To avoid unnecessary stress and scrambling, buy all your gifts and wrapping supplies in advance. ¨

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