Your Perfect Fall Makeup

The trend:
Big Lashes

This makeup trend is not only huge for fall, we know it’s going to be a starring look in the Spring too (if the Paris runway shows were any indication like the whopping lashes at Lanvin). Camilla Belle knows how to rock this flirty look. Paired with a strong, defined brow, it really makes eyes the center of attention. Prefer a smoky eye? Big lashes are always a great accessory for smoky eyes.

How to:
In this case, bold is beautiful. You’ll want to go for length and volume, so curling your lashes first is a must. Try one of the new lash-boosting mascaras like Lancé´me Definicils Precious Cells or Revlon Grow Luscious. Both are loaded with conditioners that will help to prolong the life of lashes so your lashes will appear fuller for longer.

The Trend:
3-D Cheeks

A little dimension in cheeks is never a bad idea. Layering a powder (or cream!) blush with a bronzer helps to sculpt and define cheeks, making your face appear slimmer (yes!).

How to:
In order to master this 3-D effect, begin by smoothing a soft layer of foundation onto the cheeks. Next, it’s time to bring out the bronzer. Some tend to avoid this cosmetic for fear of looking artificial (ahem, Snookie, anyone?) but if applied correctly, this technique will help to accentuate those cheekbones. Use your fingertips to swirl a bronzer (preferably one with a cream base) onto the cheekbones, and work your way toward the jawline. Apply a layering of pink blush onto the apples of the cheeks directly atop of the bronzer. This double layering approach will allow your to face appear three-dimensional and will give your cheeks a luminous glow.

For the best results, use your three middle fingers to spread the blush into the temples of the cheek. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away; a fake sunburn is just as bad as an artificial tan.

The trend:
Two-toned lips

When it comes to lipstick shades, the colour choices are endless. Finding the perfect hue is often overwhelming, but there’s good news: this season, you get to choose more than one.

How to:
Start by picking out two lipstick colours that are of a similar shade; one slightly deeper than the other. Use a firm brush to apply the darker hue onto the contour of the lips, almost as if it were a lipliner, and lightly blend the shade in toward the centre. Then take the softer shade and apply it onto the middle of the lips so that it meets with the corresponding darker colour. Whichever lighter tone you choose, make sure it rests on the centre of the lips. This two-tone look will showcase your lips better than the most profound single shade.

When choosing a lighter lipstick, a paler, bubblegum hue is always a safe choice. A light pink can correlate with many other colours and help to make your lips pop.

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