Why Charlotte Tilbury’s New Foundation Stick Is No-Makeup-Makeup Perfection

Why Charlotte Tilbury’s New Foundation Stick Is No-Makeup-Makeup Perfection
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By Alison McGill

In the 10-year-plus history of Charlotte Tilbury, the brand has launched a load of legendary products. Pillow Talk Lip Cheat pencil is the OG item that sparked the creation of a cult-classic line. Tilbury’s Magic Cream introduced us to a moisturizer that delivered next level hydration and glow up. Airbrush Flawless Finish Spray completely revolutionized the world of makeup setting sprays, and Hollywood Flawless Filter launched a whole new category of product, a silky, highlighter-meets-foundation that melts into skin and magically filters out imperfections.

Since that product launched in 2018, it has remained firmly on top of the Charlotte Tilbury best sellers list, but the brand’s latest skin tint drop will likely see this beloved icon slip to number two. Just in time for summer—a time when you want your skin looking it’s most radiant, using the least amount of makeup—comes the wonder that is Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint ($46). Billed as a foundation stick that imbues skin with a “ring light effect” luminosity, it applies easily, blends like a dream, and like many Tilbury products delivers skincare benefits as it’s jammed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, radish seed oil and Vitamin E.

Why Charlotte Tilbury’s New Foundation Stick Is No-Makeup-Makeup Perfection

How unreal is this skin tint? I received mine about a week before the global launch in mid-June, and for me, it lives up to the hype. As a person who does not like a heavy base of foundation, concealer and powder, and prefers the look of my natural skin (but ever so slightly perfected), this tint is an absolute dream. It blurs, sculpts and smooths my skin, and makes me look like I’m forever basking in the glow of the best cinematic lighting.

I am a bit of a lazy girl when it comes to my makeup, so the easier it is to apply the better. If I can blend it perfectly without brushes or sponges that’s a dream. This product ticks all those boxes.

Here’s what else I love about Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint, as well as a word of caution as to why it might not be perfect for you.

The Stretchy Consistency
A gentle swipe across your cheeks, chin and forehead is all you need as this product literally stretches out and sinks into your skin. You’ll notice your skin instantly looks bouncy and lit. Since coverage level is quite light, it’s not something that you can really build to create more, this is what makes it a tint and not a true foundation. I am really into using it under my eyes in place of concealer—I love the silky texture and the brightness it gives and the fact I just blend it in with my fingers.

The Sleek And Clean Format
I am always about less is more approach when it comes to packaging and application and this stick is all about minimalism. I am fan of Hollywood Flawless Filter, but I have never really loved the delivery of it via a doe foot applicator. And while we’re on the subject of comparing these two glow-getters, you may be wondering what the actual difference is as they are both billed as having a filtering effect on skin. In my opinion, Hollywood Flawless Filter gives a little bit more coverage, and is a little subtler in the glow department. Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint gives skin a highly reflective sheen, and has a creamier, almost balm-like texture. It’s very moisturizing and delivers a ton of shine. If you don’t love the idea of tons of moisture and glossiness, this one may not be a fit for you.

The Shade Range
There are 20 shades to choose from which means there is a match for every skin tone. I love that shades have subtle differences between them which means you can switch up your stick seasonally. Right now, I am using Fair 3 as my summer freckles have arrived and are making my complexion a little warmer; I will transition to Fair 2 in the autumn when my skin cools down for winter.

The Portability
You can take this stick anywhere—I love that. You can take your glow to go and not have to worry about the rules of liquid size when travelling. It’s also fits perfectly into your purse so you can take toss it in for touch ups when you need a little skin lift and freshness take you from day to night.


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