Which Face Mask Should You Be Using?

If there's one beauty trend that's exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, it's masking. It's an easy step to add to your skincare routine and you can usually see results pretty quickly. But, it's often forgotten or not done enough. And the main problem is that we often don't know which face mask to use or which ingredients to focus on. Which means”sorry”you might be making your skin worse. Luckily, we spoke to Charmaine Cooper, education manager at Dermalogica Canada for tips on how to make sure we're getting the most out of our face masks, and which ingredients to focus on based on your skin type and concerns.

To get the most out of your face mask experience, you don't need to apply it for long periods of time, says Cooper. Masking is one of the quickest ways to treat skin concerns”only five to seven minutes is really needed to yield noticeable differences in the skin. What does that mean? You have no excuses for not masking. Ready? Get masking with the right ingredients.

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If you have dull skin that lacks radiance


Got a little sun damage in your past? Chances are you need a mask with a bit of exfoliation action and a bit of renewing ingredients. Look for lactic and malic acids for exfoliation and vitamin C for brightening your complexion. We love Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive ($49).

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