What Is Lo-Fi Beauty?

By Alison McGill

Easy, pretty, and uncomplicated are just a few words that accurately describe a lo-fi beauty look. It’s a trend rooted in feeling comfortable in your own skin, bringing out your best, and letting beautiful you shine through.

“We’re talking about a healthy makeup look that’s very flexible and natural,” explains Toronto-based makeup artist Romy Zack. “Lo-fi beauty is all about using fewer products, but ones of great quality, and multipurpose ones. The lo-fi beauty trend was definitely happening pre-pandemic but has been adopted by far more people since that time.”

We asked Zack to walk us through the essentials of a lo-fi beauty look—here’s everything you need to know to rock this effortless beauty vibe.

Is great skin the foundation of lo-fi beauty?
“Absolutely, and I am so glad you asked this. A great skincare routine is the most important step in creating a beautiful, easy makeup look. This means adapting a solid regime morning and night and dedicating yourself to getting your skin in the best possible shape. It’s all about cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and massage. You want to bring out your natural radiance.”

What is your best advice for the ultimate lo-fi beauty look?
“Every day lo-fi makeup starts with using cream-based, multitasking products which are very buildable and flexible. Begin with a light coverage skin tint to even out your skin tone—there are so many beautiful products now that give skin such an incredible glow. One skin is prepped, use a lip and cheek product to bring some natural colour into your look. I love creating a wash of colour on the face with a dual use product. Follow with a cream highlighter applied to the tops of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, inner corner of your eyes, and just a tap across the bridge of your nose. Finish the look with groomed brows and a light coast of mascara on curled eyelashes—this will lift and open the eyes.”

Do you have three favourite products to recommend as lo-fi beauty essentials.
“I love NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30, the multipurpose Phytosurgence Skin Spark Blush Balm, and RMS Beauty Living Luminizer.”

Above: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30, $45 / Phytosurgence Skin Spark Blush Balm, $21 each / RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, $47

What celebrities do lo-fi beauty well?
“Rosamund Pike has been sporting a lo-fi makeup look for a few years now, and she does it very, very well. She often wears a soft rosy-pink monochromatic makeup, and that gives a very balanced and youthful effect.”

Are lo-fi beauty vibes here to stay?
“Definitely. Even though this is a pared-down look, it’s a very confident and chic one, two things that never go out of style.”

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