Twenties Hairstyles: Embrace Your Inner Flapper

Whether you’re Puttin’ on the Ritz or indulging in a Moveable Feast, a vivacious night of revelry can only be enhanced by a fun-loving hairstyle of the twenties!  The golden age of the flapper and literati ex-pats in Paris has been nostalgically re-embraced lately.  So in honour of these dazzling days, embrace your inner Zelda Fitzgerald before your next night on the town.  Give these glamorous hairstyles of the twenties a whirl.  Cocktails and a swanky jazz album are recommended while executing these fabulous hairdos.  

Before you tackle the hairdos, bear one thing in mind.  Gals of the twenties kept an incredible sheen on their hair.  To quote the late, great F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Bernice Bobs Her Hair, “he liked the way she had her hair arranged, wondered if it was brilliantine that made it glisten so.”  To get that glisten and sheen, pick up a tube of Bumble and Bumble’s throwback Brilliantine and you’ll be ready to breeze into The Great Gatsby’s soiree in no time flat.  

The Bob:

Signifying a liberated woman in the roaring twenties, the bob was a quintessential look of the flapper.  In today’s day, bobbing your hair isn’t essential to sporting your independence, but it’s a chic, carefree hairstyle all the same.  To try out the Louise Brooks style bob, flat iron your hair and your bangs to cup your face and head.  Finish your ‘do off with a healthy dose of brilliantine for a sleek, polished A-line bob that really hugs your face and enhances your features. 

If you’re not keen on chopping off those luscious locks, do not despair.  A bob style can be simulated without too much toil as well.  Use Brilliantine!  Curl your hair with a one-inch barrel curling iron.  Then create finger waves by pinning the curls around your face then around the base of your neck.  Or you can roll the hair below your neck under and pin it.  Pin all the curls close to the base of your hair shaft across your entire head.  Remember that this look is best achieved by keeping the hair contained and against your face and head.  Take this look to the next level by pinning a broach, headband or feathers into the curls.

The Finger Wave:

Show off long luscious locks in a twenties style with the finger wave.  Curl all your hair with a one-inch barrel curling iron.  Then, work the hair around your face into finger waves with ample brilliantine.  Don’t be timid.  Manipulate the curls into daring directions then pin around your face in a sweeping side tuck.  Keep the rest of your tresses down in flirtatious un-separated curls then finish them off with brilliantine.  You can also pin your hair up and let the locks dangle for a truly charming look.  The finger wave also lends itself well to ostentatious, art deco hairpieces.  

Finish off that cocktail and voila!  You’re ready for a roaring night on the town.  No go out and ‘shake that thing!’

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