Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall

The back-to-school commercials may have started, but rest assured that we’ve got a few weeks of warm weather left before autumn truly takes hold. That said, certain summer rules still apply, so if you’re still hoping to embrace the season’s hottest makeup trends, you’ll want to stick to these tried and true tips to get the best out of your summer makeup.

Light and Fresh

Fall “ and especially this season coming “ calls for minimalist-yet-dramatic looks, defined by dark lips, dark eyes or even bold blushes. However, with heat and humidity still a factor, makeup can melt quite quickly, leaving you with a face similar to that of Taylor Momsen as opposed to the likes of actress Malin Akerman. Therefore, until you need a jacket on the regular, stick to light lips, coloured liner or the English Rose aesthetic. After all, you’ve got only a few weeks left before the bright and light get replaced by the dark and dynamic, so you might as well make them count.

Do the Dew

With stars like Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian boasting makeshift sun-kissed looks, highlighters and bronzers could not be more summer-friendly, since the effects of afternoon sun are quickly masked by the dewy complexions created by a touch of bronzer on cheekbones and the concealment of under-eye circles. With a pinch of cream blush to add to the look’s natural aesthetic, a faux sun-kissed look is yours for the taking “ provided you prevent the real thing with dose of SPF.

Bright and Bare

Spring and summer were quickly defined by coloured eyeliner and bright lips that created bold looks that embodied the futuristic, neon minimalism first introduced in the early season. That said, nothing says summer appropriate like watermelon shades and a hint of orange “ especially since autumn looks to head back to basics with black, dark neutrals and rich fabrics. With less is more in full effect, bright blue or yellow eyeliner worn only with mascara and clear gloss is perfect for those lazy summer afternoons “ while bright neon lips are ideal for end-of-season patios or late-evening BBQs.

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