Beauty Palettes for Every NYE Occasion

As you start to make your New Years Eve plans, you’re going to be looking for your outfit, your date and, of course, how on earth you’re going to get to and from your destination when cabs are scarce at best, but what about your beauty look? To get you ready for your night of partying (whatever your preference), we have some makeup must-haves, whether you’re heading to the club with the girls, or just kicking it at home to watch that big ball drop.

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Big banquet

You’re headed to a big banquet affair with all of your friends and their friends and their friends. There’s a five-course meal and an open bar and your crew has filled up easily six tables. For a big affair like that, you need to make sure your look steps up to the plate, and in the spirit of going big or going home, this Smashbox Masterclass Palette III ($72, has every shade you need to match your dress and get a bit creative. Thirty-two shades for eyes, three blushes, contour powder, bronzing powder, highlighting powder, “get the look” inserts and blank face charts to create your own looks — all this will make sure you don’t walk out looking like a clown.


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