Beauty Bulletin: Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2018, Day 2

Toronto Fashion Week is back in session, setting up shop in Toronto’s Yorkville Village to showcase the fall 2018 collections of some of Canada’s buzziest designers from February 5 to 7. We’ve been hanging out backstage with makeup lead Simone Otis and her army of artists with beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart to give you daily recaps of our favourite beauty looks from the shows. The second day, we loved them all. Here’s a look at day two:

Tara Rivas

With the Red Hot theme in mind, Otis played around with a non-traditional combination of shades for the eyes, using Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Palette in Kaleidoscope Dream ($50) and Eyeshadow in Lounge ($24). “It has this interesting quality when the light hits it. It’s more alive, and I love the fact that she wanted to play with something different,” says Otis. Claiming this look is an example of the “new Instagram makeup,” Otis completed the look with a deep red lip.

Official Nail Spokesperson for Shoppers Drug Mart Melissa Forrest created a matte red nail to complete the look.

Hilary MacMillan

Hillary Macmillan’s latest collection is very now, as it consisted of millennial pink, patent and holographic faux leather and puffer jackets. For that reason, the runway look focused on wearability and freshness (almost juicy, in Otis’ words): Dewy skin, detailed highlights and warmer complexions using RMS Living Luminizer ($48) and NARS Bronzer in Casino ($53). “I feel like it’s a reflection of [Hillary] herself — what she would like to look like. I always think of her when I’m doing her makeup. I don’t know why, but it feels very right to do,” Otis explains.

For the final touch, nail artist Forrest used a holographic polish for the tips.

House of Nonie

Playing off the collection’s inspiration of simplicity and masculinity, Otis created a clean face and raw brows. To amp up the look of brows, she used The Brow Gal Eye Pencil ($29). A no-makeup look is nothing without textured brows.


Hands down the most fun and spontaneous look of the night, Otis played around with bright neon colours at WRKDEPT. Using special effects neon makeup and a circular grid, Otis shaped clean, symmetrical polka dots across models’ faces. To top the look off, she coated the lips with Clarins Lip Oil in Honey Shimmer ($25) and candy(!) to create an almost “melting candy” lip effect. The same look applied to the male models, too. The whole purpose of this look was to give off a YOLO vibe. So what does that mean? “It really means who cares! Wear that red lip, try a bright orange eyeliner and wear yellow eyeshadow. Like who cares, why not?” she explained.

Lastly, Forrest used extra long neon green, pink and orange press-ons on the female models.

Wil Studios

For this menswear streetstyle collection, Otis landed on glitter. “They wanted to try something with a makeup of some sort, but nothing too precious,” she said. So to give the glitter an edgier and more gritty vibe, Otis applied “chunky” bits —”kind of like if a boy did it” — of Stila Magnificent Foil Eyeshadow in Dusty Rose ($42) along the models’ cheeks.


Instead of opting for a flicked cat eye, Otis decided to go with something  more customizable to everyone’s eye shape — a bold chevron-shaped eyeliner. Although the shape is known for its ’70s retro vibes, she thought that this timeless eye look was the most appropriate way to complement the Hendrixroe’s modern sensibility. To get this same look at home try Elizabeth Arden Lasting Impression Mascara ($32). Otis’ tip is to almost “scrub” the mascara at the root of the lashline and pull upwards toward the tip of the lash to create a more flared effect without the doll-like results of a lash curler.

Otis also created the label’s own version of David Bowie’s iconic lighting bolt.

Check out our Backstage Beauty Bulletin From Toronto Fashion Week – Day Three.

Main image credits:

Makeup: Simone Otis for beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart

Photography: Bryan Huynh

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