Fall Hair Colour Trends

You’ve packed away your shorts and flip flops for another year and pulled out your favourite boyfriend blazer and knee high boots. And chances are you are craving a fresh new hair colour to go with your fall wardrobe.

For Fall 2010 colour trends are pointing to natural looking shades that complement the skin tone.  Your natural hair colour as well as eye colour should offer clues as to which shades you choose.

Here are a few pointers to assist in your colour choice:

Black hair
Dark, tanned or olive complexions wear black hair well like Sofia Vergara. Look for shades with intensity that offer contrast without making your skin look sallow or gaunt. Radiant, flawless skin will also make black hair outstanding. Brunettes can add definition and accent their hair with deep blue undertones.  

Red Coifs
If you’ve always coveted your friend’s red tresses, this Fall is the right time to try it out. Brilliant reds like copper on Christina Hendricks continue to be popular, but more natural hues top the colour charts. Red tones bring vibrancy to your look adding the wow factor. Choose from amazing shades like auburn, bronze and mahogany. To enhance the radiance in  your reds pass up the highlights. Complement with greys, greens and plums on the eyes. 

Blonde tresses
Many of Hollywood’s vixens and bombshells have been and continue to be blondes. This season go for elegant glamour with shades of honey or golden blonde or lighter tones of platinum or pearl. Whether you choose edgy or classic, blonde is always in style.

Brown shades are an excellent choice for many complexions and they usually look rich and glossy. This season, browns look best in all-over rich espresso shades and glossy capuccinos hues. If you are making a dramatic change, it is also a good idea to tint eyebrows to complement your new hair colour and avoid giving your complexion a harsh hue.

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