Strange Beauty Trend: Vagina Makeovers?

A few years back the cast of SATC shocked the mommy majority when they highlighted the Brazilian wax as a ritual among many women. Soon, the Brazilian became a household name, and hair-down-there became a thing of the past. Now, it’s come to the attention of the inter-web that anything goes below the belt. No hair, hair, Jewels, shapes, you name it – it’s now game on. Don’t know what we’re talking about, brace yourself, and your vagina:

You want me to put what? Where? On my what? Interesting. Yes, it’s true. It seems that the generation that grew up bedazzling their Jordache jeans are now vagazzling their nether regions. Jennifer Love Hewitt has been quoted saying that her lady parts look like a disco ball. How is this possible? Well, Vajazzling is the act of applying glitter using a safe cosmetics adhesive to the pubic area.  The glue used wears away, and quality spas that perform the application guarantee that the gems hold up for about 5 days. Although there hasn’t been an intense amount of research done about the safety of the practice “ if you have a tendency to have sensitive skin down under (who doesn’t?) beware, it has been known to cause allergic reactions.

Yes, next time you book your semi-annual facial and 60minute massage, salons may suggest you also exfoliate your vagina. The Vajacial (can’t get enough of that word) is meant to be performed a week after waxing to reduce the number of ingrown hairs and to leave your vagina smelling like a fruit basket “ because obviously that’s what your vagina should smell like. The four step process includes a cleanse, an exfoliating gel, an anti-freckle, ani anti-acne, or calming mask, and then finishes with the application of a lightening cream. 

Hearts, stars, lightening bolts, oh my!
Girls are getting creative down there. Thanks to the new trimmers that you can find on the end of many electric women’s razors, there has been a shift from your basic landing strips, to various shapes. So ladies, looking for a new way to offer support to your guy on Sundays during NFL football “ perhaps the team’s logo wouldn’t hurt?

Whatever you fancy (seriously, no judgments), read up on the various practices before going to the salon or performing at home. Especially those where you’re using glue and scented treatments because seriously, who wants to pay $60 for a rash and a yeast infection? 

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