Combining Warmth and Style

In the midst of snowstorms and cold weather alerts, the last thing you want is to get out of your pajamas and to experience the feeling of frozen denim. But contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to combine the worlds of fashion, comfort and warmth, and you don’t necessarily need to justify flannel pants to do it. Here’s our guide to keeping winter comfort in fashion and how you no longer need to hibernate to make it happen.

Embrace Oversize

Sure, there’s a difference between oversize items and those that are too big, but when it comes to sweaters, cardigans and even socks, there’s nothing wrong with embracing the loose-fitting bohemian look. Naturally, you don’t want to come off like you raided your father’s closet, but by pairing a boyfriend cardigan with an oversize sweater or pullover, jeggings and work socks, you can create the comfy Canadiana aesthetic without donning a sweatshirt boasting an intricate illustration of a deer. (Though if attending an ugly sweater party, that’s entirely alright.)


Of course, to embrace oversize items allows you to simultaneously master the art of layering, as the only way to maintain certain levels of warmth is to bulk up on pieces (or invest in a quality winter coat). But rest assured, you can still rock several layers at a time without looking overly padded or far too into 1996: by starting off with a tank top or fitted a t-shirt, you can don a loose-fitting button-up overtop, and a boyfriend cardigan along with that. And if you want to avoid a less-than-bulky silhouette, tie a belt over your button-up to define at the waist. That way, if you’re wearing jeggings, leggings or skinny jeans, you’ll boast only the most flattering shape.


Thick, heavier fabrics may seem warmer, but when it comes to old-fashion comfort, the likes of cotton, fleece and wool remain tried and true. But don’t think that means you can justify leaving the house in yoga pants and hoodies for three months (unless you’re an instructor or you work at a gym). Fleece and cotton have come a long way from their days as the makings of sweatpants, and while you may be hesitant to embrace a zip-up, donning a retro dancer sweater and complementing it with high-waisted jeans is both warm and fashion-friendly.  The same rule applies to wool: while it’s seemingly reserved for itchy sweaters and oversize scarves, a wool blend worn over a long-sleeve t-shirt will help channel the nostalgia of childhoods playing in the snow, while keeping you looking cozy and classic.


Believe it or not, socks play a pivotal role in keeping you warm and fashion-conscious “ but beware winter is not the time to begin donning knee socks and ankle boots. Opting for a thick tight, pair a heavier dark sock along with it, and top off with lace-up boots and a traditional pea coat for a look that channels 60s vintage. Or if you’re better acquainted with the 90s aesthetic, pull a heavy work sock overtop of your jeggings and skinny jeans and wear with heavy boots like Doc Marten’s or a serious winter lace-up. If you’re worried about going overboard, don’t: when it comes to winter and warm feet, only the people sans proper footwear will be judged for their inability to comprehend windchill. 


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