Spa Deals: 6 Ways to Save at the Spa

Everybody needs a little bit of spa-grade rest and relaxation, but it’s definitely a splurge and an indulgence. These tried and true methods of saving at the spa will help you get the most out of your beauty budget

Get a Registered Massage

If you have health insurance, it usually covers a certain amount of massage time per year. Take advantage of it by getting a referral from your doctor and making sure your massage is with a Registered Massage Therapist (and don’t forget to get your RMT receipt).

Bonus: when you go to a Registed Massage Therapist, they know exactly what your body needs. You’ll leave feeling rested, relaxed and with all the knots worked out. Reflexology, hot stone massage, and craniosacral therapy are also covered, so you can still get variety from your spa visit.


Try a Series of Spa Treatments

Most spas will have a pre-booking promotion (for example: book six, get the seventh one free), so if you’re going to the spa for the same services monthly, it’s worth it to take advantage of this. If your favourite spa doesn’t have this program, talk to the manager. They will likely be willing to do this for a regular client who is promising guaranteed monthly business.


Take Advantage of Monthly Promotions

Every spa has specials for the month. Check back on the first of each month to see what services are on promotion that month, and if it’s something you’ve been wanting to try (but couldn’t afford), take advantage of it when it’s on special.


Do Some At-Home Prep

Getting a spray tan done? Do the full body exfoliation at home and you’ll save up to $45 at the spa. Want perfect polish? Soak your cuticles, push them back and file your nails at home and just book in for a polish change (a savings of up to $15 dollars per visit).


Go When It’s Slow

Most spas are busiest on the weekends. Ask about rates from Monday to Thursday at your favourite spas to see if there is a discount during slow times.


Go with a Group

If you are bringing in a group a girlfriends, talk to the spa manager: she will probably be willing to give you a group discount, if there isn’t already one offered at the spa.

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