Skin Primer

The skin primer is one of those underrated products that not many women know how to use.

One of the greatest uses of skin primers is that they help keep the rest of your makeup on and looking fresh for a longer period of time. They provide foundation and other makeup products with a smooth surface and with something to latch on to. Many skin primers serve a much greater purpose than just holding your makeup together. Some also help nourish your skin. Most skin primers come in a gel (silicone-base) form and are oil and fragrance free.

For anyone with oily or combination skin, the skin primers will also absorb any access oil on the skin and will help calm and sooth irritation and inflammation for sensitive skin. A primer can also even out skin tone and any discoloration and blemishes.

To apply a skin primer, make sure your face is clean and moisturizer has already been applied. You can either pick spots on your face (i.e. chin or eyelids) that your makeup usually tends to fade during the day, or you can apply the primer over your entire face. Give the primer a few minutes to settle in and penetrate your skin before applying the rest of your makeup. Because the primer acts as a base for your foundation, you will actually end up using less of your makeup since your skin will not be absorbing any access foundation.

See? The skin primer really a girl’s best kept secret!

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