Beauty Panel Review: Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Force Collection

The 29Secrets Beauty Panel test drove Schwarzkopf Professional’s new BC Fibre Force Collection, to see if the hair care products live up to their claims. In Schwarzkopf’s studies, in 4 to 10 weeks, BC Fibre Force’s line products returned damaged hair to its optimal strength with 90 percent less breakage. The line includes a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in spray conditioner and a hair mask. Read on to see if our beauty experts (all of whom have very different hair types) had the same results:

Bahar Niramwalla: Globe & Mail Beauty Expert and On-Air Personality

Bahar Niramwalla

Having long, curly hair that is straightened into submission for the better part of the year, I'm always willing to try out a new product that arrives on the market aimed at strengthening my now weak and thinning hair. I take a few assault tools to my mane (count: blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron) and this collection is meant to restore strength and lessen the occurrence of breakage to the hair thanks to the keratin in the formula and, now, after a number of weeks using this system, I'm most impressed with two major results.
The overall light feeling on the hair and the level of softness left behind. There is no greasy feeling and no weight on the hair. As for the softness, the BC Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment was to thank for those results. It washed out beautifully and left behind a detangled head of smooth hair which was ready for a blow dry with only a few sprays of the BC Fibre Force Spray Conditioner.

Sara Koonar: Editor-in-Chief of

After a month of using the BC Fibre Force line I began to see in improvement in my hair’s texture. After getting an ombre dye job earlier this year, my ends always looked less healthy and shiny than the rest of my locks. Suddenly I was having breakage much worse than I’d ever experienced. This collection of hair products helped to revitalize my ends, making my hair look much healthier.
I wash my hair daily, which most hairdressers crucify me for (it is not recommended because of the damage daily washing and styling can do) but the BC Fibre Force line from Schwarzkopf Professional helped keep my hair nourished throughout. The BC Fibre Force Spray Conditioner and Fortifier Treatment have been life savers. I use the spray conditioner in the mornings after my shower, it is especially helpful on days when I don’t feel like styling. I will continue to use these products!

Marissa Anwar: Editor-in-Chief of Chic Darling

Chic Darling

You know those people who complain about having thin hair? Yeah, that’s not me. I’ve been blessed with thick, sometimes curly- but mostly unruly hair.  It’s a blessing and a curse, and learning to manage it without spending an hour styling it every day is a bit of a challenge. As such, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for a while, and the BC Fibre Force system couldn’t have come at a better time.  You see, I have a lot of grey hair so I dye it every four weeks. Dying your hair every four weeks makes your hair brittle, and dry – very very dry. I’ve been using the BC Fibre Force system for the last three weeks, and have noticed the condition of my hair improving.  The BC Fibre Force Shampoo is great at balancing squeaky clean and not stripping my hair of all nourishment, and the BC Fibre Force Conditioner is great at sealing in the moisture and helping tame frizz.  My favorite product by far the BC Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment. My curls have definition and I don’t even need to use a diffuser. So if you’re in the market for a new hair care system, and have brittle, frizzy hair, then this is the system for you!

Christie Ressel: Beauty Blogger, Image Consultant and Fashion Expert for the Steven & Chris Show

Christie Ressel

I recently had the pleasure of trying the BC Fibre Force hair care line and love it. Being a blonde, I have damaged hair from bleaching that has left my hair dried out and lifeless most of the time. The BC Fibre Force Shampoo and Conditioner were good and I definitely noticed a difference in the how my hair looked over the course of a month. The Fibre Force Spray Conditioner and the Fortifier Treatment were incredible! I used the Spray Conditioner each time I washed my hair, which left it feeling silky and soft (plus, it smells phenomenal!). It's a staple for me now. The Fortifier Treatment also left my hair feeling soft and vibrant. I was thrilled as it can be really difficult to keep a blonde's hair looking shiny! I noticed after using it that I would have less fly-aways and that my hair didn't make the awful dry crunching sound I had become accustom too — it felt strong and healthy. A welcomed change for me! My hair is definitely less brittle after having used these products and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to give life to damaged hair.

Natasha Bruno: Editorial Assistant at The Kit, Freelance Writer and Stylist\

Natasha Bruno

I’m currently in the process of transitioning my hair. I’ve been chemically treating and flat ironing my mane for years – I’m so sorry hair – and have finally decided to embrace my natural roots and go curly. The transition however has not been easy. My locks have become susceptible to breakage and shedding now more than ever. To add to my hair conundrum, I already deal with naturally coarse, dry hair, so it’s safe to say I’m always on the search for deep-conditioning, damage-control products that work miracles. So when I was asked to test out Schwarzkopf Professional’s new micronized keratin-enriched Fibre Force line with results of 100 percent more strength and 95 percent less breakage in four to ten weeks – super resilient hair? Yes please! – I immediately said yes, and agreed to test out the four-product line for four weeks.
Overall, I will say that I did see improvements in the weak condition of my hair. My hair became softer, more manageable, and there was overtime a diminished amount of breakage. The biggest winner for me was the Fibre Force Spray Conditioner. I found that this leave-in spray coated the hair well, and helped the most to hinder breakage by working to detangle damp hair before combing. I also liked that it didn’t weigh my hair down or leave any residue, so I could happily use my go-to hair oils afterwards with no hesitation.



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