Nail Trends to Avoid and Embrace

Just because we’re donning mittens, gloves and taking advantage of pockets and oversize sleeves, it doesn’t mean our nails necessarily need to be neglected. And since holiday parties often give us a chance to flaunt our understanding of what’s hot and/or not, what better way to show off the year’s hottest nail trends than by pairing them with your holiday best? Here’s our guide to the nail styles you should embrace, as well as the ones you need to avoid.

Trend: French manicure
What to do:
Believe it or not, the tried and true nail style of the early-to-mid 2000s has finally been filed under dated and overdone. Blame The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the incessant pairing with Ugg boots, leggings and cropped sweaters, or the too safe connotations they’ve since been branded with, but the French manicure has come and gone. The 2010s call for modernity or vintage throwbacks “ there’s no room for anything standard or ordinary this year.

Trend: Black
What to do:
Not just limited to black, all dark nail colours are immune to the cycles of trendiness most in-demand looks eventually go through. Not only because of the year’s gothic influence or our affinity for dark colours, but black nail polish adds a sleekness and edginess to anyone’s aesthetic through their very presence. Paired with velvet, leather or even an overtly feminine print or cut, shiny black nails work with winter-influenced pale skin perfectly.

Trend: Neon pink
What to do:
Neon is making a comeback for spring and summer 2011, the overt brightness of pink works, especially if you’re headed on holiday. If pink isn’t your thing, you can also go for neon orange, but stay away from over-the-top blues and greens. It’s just too much.

Trend: Super matte
What to do: Avoid

Ok, so this was cool for about 2.2 seconds and then everyone realized it kind of looks terrible and not very much fun, especially if it’s a bright colour. The truth is, shiny nails just look healthier no matter what colour you’re wearing, so keep that buffer handy and make ’em gleam.

Trend: Red
What to do:
Thanks to Mad Men, the 50s comeback or the return of good taste, red, coral and like-minded nail colours are staging a comeback, resulting in ultra-feminine looks that work perfectly with the season’s full skirts and hourglass cuts. And in keeping with the trend, Revlon’s re-launching its iconic 1952 Fire and Ice collection, which sees not only the return of classic nail colour, but the cosmetics to go with it. It’s safe to say you can justify that new vintage dress now. 



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