Red Lipsticks for Every Ethnicity

Every beauty junkie knows you can never go wrong with red lips. Never. No matter how bright or bold the color of red is or your skin tone, red lips are (and will always) be a classic and a go-to when you want to add a little “ or a lot of boldness to your look.

Find out the best red lipstick for you with this simple, handy guide.


Light to Fair

Those of you have who have light to fair skin, which would even make Snow White jealous, will rejoice in the idea of a strong red lip. This skin tone, often described as porcelain, is the perfect canvas for red lipsticks with pink undertones, which make this skin color look soft and luscious. One perfect choice that will compliment this skin tone is NARS lipstick ($30) in Manhunt, which is a sheer poppy red shade that perfectly balances the red pigment with some playful pink. For those who want to go brighter and redder, go for the NARS Jungle Red, which will give you a semi matte appearance ideal for day to night.

Medium to Olive

For this skin tone, which is a beautiful combination of fair skin with subtle olive and brown tones, a red lipstick with a drop of russet color is the way to go. The Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson or Raspberry is ideal for highlighting this already perfectly tanned skin tone. Rather than being super bright, these reds have a slight tint and will blend nicely, won’t make you feel self-conscious and will finally get the idea that you can only wear brown lipstick out of your head!

Brown to Dark

For eons, or maybe just for a few decades, it was a miscalculated fact that women with a darker complexion could only wear red lipstick if they were a high fashion model. However, thanks to the diversity were seeing more and more on the runways, this is completely untrue and women with brown and dark brown skin color are embracing red lipstick everyday “ not just for special occasions. For this skin tone, any red with plum or gold undertones or sultry, rich deep reds are the best. M.A.C Cosmetics has an array of reds, but the best one in this case is their signature lipstick in Cockney or Russian Red ($18) “ both feature hints that compliment the skin tone and will make your lips stand out (in a good way, of course).

Beauty Note:

While some reds may look better on one skin tone than another one, don’t be afraid to experiment with red lipstick, no matter what the shade. Red is a color of power, confidence and daringness and when you wear it on your lips you want to feel all of those characteristics. A shade that will never fail is just simple red, which Make Up For Ever has managed to create with their Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick ($22) in shade Red. See how simple that is? Try this color for yourself and you’ll feel bold in no time!

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