Product Of The Week: R&R Luxury Black Soap

While I’m in an open relationship with liquid soaps, I’ve been monogamous with the little white bar for three decades and counting. So trust me when I say I feel like a big fat cheater writing this.

I have another bar soap on the side: R&R Luxury’s Black Soap.

And the white bar knows; they’re sharing my blue and yellow cat embossed ceramic soap dish sitting on the edge of my bathtub.

I think I might love it, them…both.

Oh, and so the name doesn’t throw you when you go to check it out, because you will, R&R’s must-have bar is brown not black.

Different from a beauty bar—because it’s not a beauty bar, although it is doing beautiful things to my face, like soothing and hydrating my skin with it’s number one and two ingredients, African shea butter and coconut oil—my side piece of soap is more of an all-over solutions-based fixer upper.

For one, it’s 100 per cent natural so my sensitive skin can handle it just fine. It’s infusion of anti-bacterial essential oils have also been stopping my combination skin from breaking out and should a spot make its way to the surface, the soap’s formulation kills and heals it immediately, thank you very much. I’ve also had waaay less cold-weather eczema, which is always a plus and I could swear the crow’s feet around my eyes look more like tiny sparrow’s feet now. Did I mention I also have less redness and my face is soft and glowing, because it is. And while I could use the luxurious bar all over my body and reap the stretch mark reducing and razor burn preventing benefits, I don’t. For me, this one’s all about my face. It helps with the guilt.

R&R Luxury Black Soap, $10, available online at

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