Picking the Perfect Red Lipstick

Red is the natural colour for women to gravitate to when the holiday season rolls around. Christmas bows and wreathes, candy canes, holly berries, even Jolly Old St. Nick chooses to go with red when December arrives and the snow starts falling.

You may choose to go with a smashing red dress, a red top, or maybe just a hint of red in a piece of jewellery or a pair of shoes. And red lipstick, of course, will be that final, finishing touch. Many women have trouble when it comes to choosing a red lipstick; should it be candy apple red or dark crimson red? Should you go with a pinkish tone, a peachy red, or just that true, brilliant shade that complements almost every skin tone? If you feel you need help picking the perfect red lipstick for your holiday outfit, see some of the tips below.

Skin tone:
Consider your skin tone first when choosing a red lipstick. If your skin is very fair, a rose or pinkish red may be better than one with coral or peach undertones. Medium skin tones may do well with a broader range of reds, so experiment with both ends of the spectrum. If you have a darker skin tone, try crimson and scarlet reds, as well as a true, bright red that will really complement your skin. Olive complexioned women often look stunning in a fire-engine red lipstick, along with the darker berry reds.

Eye colour:
Believe it or not, eye color can help you choose the perfect red lipstick. If your eyes are blue or green, try a red lipstick with a blue undertone. Hazel eyes may look best with a warmer red, as will light brown eyes. Dark brown eyes can really pop if worn with a bright true red, as well as a warmer brick color, although experiment with the berry reds, too.

Your red lipstick, should, of course, complement your holiday outfit perfectly (hence the name of this article.) Be guided by the amount of red you are wearing (a red dress versus red accessories), as well as the shade of red. The less of the color you are wearing, the brighter and bolder your choice of lipstick should be. Conversely, if your outfit is almost completely red, try a softer, more muted shade. Do not try to match the red of your holiday outfit completely “ this is almost impossible to do, and may look odd.

Jewellery and Other Accessories:
The choice of jewelry and accessories you wear should also influence your holiday lipstick. Gold, as a rule, will look better with a warmer color, while silver is complemented by cooler, more blue-toned shades. If your choice of holiday jewelry is colored stones, be sure that the lipstick you choose is in a similar color family (think peach, scarlet, brick, pink, also considering the cool versus the warm tones.) The same should be said for your accessories “ if you are carrying a scarlet bag or wearing a true red scarf with your outfit, be sure your lipstick is of a similar shade.

Personal Taste:
Of course, the red that you love best, the red that makes you feel like you are as glittering as a bright Christmas ornament, should always be the final choice you make. Happy Holidays!

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