Olympics-Inspired Makeup & Nails

When all the world is watching the Olympics, it’s fun to show a little bit of spirit, whether it’s for our country or just the games themselves. Here’s how to deck yourself out in the spirit of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia:
Golden Nails: 
This is the easiest way to add a little Olympic flair to your beauty routine. Paint your nails solid gold and start cheering! (Or, if you’re cool with second or third place, silver and bronze are just as sparkly and pretty.) Try: Essie’s “As Gold As It Gets” polish; Covergirl “Silver Lining” Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss; Sally Hansen “Ring-a-Ding” Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Colour.

Golden eyeshadow:
If you want to go a bit bolder, apply cold, silver or bronze eye makeup. Use those sparkles you bought for the holidays to achieve your look. This tutorial focuses on gold and bronze and is good inspiration for a pretty glam getup. 

Inspired by the rings:
Blue, yellow, black, green and red – these are the colours of the Olympic rings. They’re also really bold and basic colours that you can combine in almost any way to show your Olympic enthusiasm. Try solid nails (one in each colour on each hand), white nails with each tip done in one of those colours or a stripe down the middle, or if you’re feeling up to it – try drawing the rings themselves on. Good luck! 
Team Canada eye makeup:
Red eye makeup alone is really hard to pull off. Simply adding white… not that much better. Avoid red, sick looking eyes by adding some black into the mix. This tutorial was designed for Christmas, but team Canada’s colours for 2014 are red, white and black, so we think it does double duty. We think just red and black would look pretty sexy, too. 
When all else fails, apply a bold red lip and cheer your loudest for Canada’s athletes!

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