“No Makeup” Makeup Trend

Among many things Fall 2011 has been noted for is its affinity for minimalism. So with certain fashion trends boasting classic simplicity, it only makes sense that makeup follows suit. So with the trend of barely there cosmetology in mind, here’s our guide to donning no makeup makeup.

Step 1: The Base 
Breathe a sigh of relief: unlike other beauty trends that may cost a pretty penny, no makeup makeup can be done primarily out of your existing makeup bag “ provided you already use concealer and a little under-eye highlighter. By using a concealer stick to cover blemishes and dark under-eye circles before applying foundation or powder, your face is given a lift and your complexion is evened out, creating a flawless blank canvas that is the actually the focal point of this natural aesthetic.

Step 2: Eyes
To keep your face looking clean, fresh and natural, it’s important to make sure eyes suggest the same by replacing dark eye shadow with a shade close to your natural complexion. Using browns, beige and even peach, blend eye shadows evenly to prevent differentiation between that and your skin tone, then very carefully apply and blend eyeliner close to the lash line. And while no makeup makeup is supposed to imply just that, make sure to apply a light coat of black or dark brown mascara to keep eyelashes from being masked completely.

Step 3: Lips
True, some of us tend to look sickly or washed out without any sort of lip colour, so to keep your face looking healthy, opt for a tinted balm or dusted rose pink stain to avoid seeming monochromatic. Considering a bright, exuberant face is the goal of no makeup makeup, you want to maintain that aesthetic, so instead of reaching for a dark matte lipstick or a brassy gloss, remember that you’re vying for evoking a look that’s au natural “ and most of us weren’t born with poppy-red lips.

Step 4: Blush
Naturally (pun intended), a little colour is needed if you want to come across as makeup-free “ especially since you’ll be hard pressed to find someone whose face is an evenly toned one-colour canvas. That said, apply a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks or where sunshine would natural hit you. That way, you’ll come across as sun-kissed (and human) as opposed to overly minimalist. And while some runway looks have been based solely around boasting only one complexion tone, we doubt the office would be as understanding.


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