Maximize Your Natural Curl

Most women have some sort of wave or curl naturally in their hair. However, after failed attempts to tame their tresses they tend to give up and head straight for the flattening iron every morning. While hours of burning your hair might give you nice toned arms it is wreaking havoc on your strands!

Everyone who has curly hair (even if it doesn’t seem that curly) can unleash their locks’ natural beauty, but it means changing the way you take care of your hair, from the way you wash it to the way you style it.

Also, since everyone has a different texture you will have to experiment and make different choices based off of how your hair, whether it’s thick or thin, will react to certain processes or products.

Step 1: How to Wash Curly Hair

Never vigorously scrub your scalp or mush all of your hair on top of your head when washing. It will create tangles and more damage. Instead gently massage shampoo and conditioner gently downwards into your strands from root to tip. Do not wash or condition your hair everyday or you will probably strip away too many natural oils and your curls will become frizzy or, if you have fine hair, make it incredibly limp.

This is the ONLY time you can comb out your curls. Use your fingers (possibly with a bit of conditioner to ease the process) and gently get out all the tangles while the water is running through it. The reason you should never really comb or brush your hair is that you are ruining the natural shape of your curls when you do. Curls are formed when water columns fall down the length of your hair. Combing, drying and styling ruins this, and creates frizz and damage ends. 

Avoid touching your curls as much as possible once you get out of the shower. It’s the number one way to mess up your hair. Seriously. Don’t touch it! Let it do it’s thing and you will see how nice your natural texture can be.

Step 2: How to Dry Curly Hair

The best way to have frizz-free, natural curly is to let it air dry without tousling it. You can use a towel once you get out of the shower, but do not twist your hair into a turban (once again, you are ruining your hair’s shape!). Gently soak up moisture at the roots with your towel by tousling it upside down for volume. Then don’t touch it. 

If you must use a diffuser don’t use your hands to speed the process along or tip your head upside down. Let the teeth on the head be the only thing that touches your hair. Use the cool setting and set it to low. This will take a long time but lots of air and heat will only create frizz on the top layer of hair.

You can also try washing your hair night and sleeping on it instead of letting it air dry. Just make sure to lay your hair above your head on your pillow, not tucked under your neck (you may actually be surprised with how this will help with volume at the roots!). 

You will probably wake up with a few crazy strands but you can easily fix this by reading the next part of how to unleash your natural curls.

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