This Month’s Hottest Nail Colours

The last days of autumn are finally upon us, so before you invest in the biggest holiday nail trends, use what’s left of November to try your hand (pun intended) at this month’s hottest nail colours. After all, since the season’s become an homage to clouds, rain and plummeting temperatures, you might as well make your nails stand out amongst the drab.

Orange and Red
Naturally, red’s to be expected: a staple of the holiday season and the signature colour of the 1960s revival, the classic shade adds femininity to an androgynous-inspired ensemble, while also helping to anchor an experimental look through a traditional aesthetic. But orange? Well, compared to the increasingly monotone natural landscape, a bright pop of colour is necessary in a sea of neutrals. And if you can’t justify that, just look on the ground: despite the leaves having fallen throughout the better half of October, you’ll find that the ground still maintains an innately autumn hue.

Regardless of whether you can agree with donning such a definitive neutral, we can still all agree on one thing: nude “ at least in terms of nail colours “ is hardly reminiscent of the real deal. That said, it’s still a safe bet: the 2011 answer to the French manicure (remember, everybody?), nude nails are a step above wearing only clear nail polish, while adding substance to the naked hand. Sure, your nails don’t scream for attention “ but who needs them to? Less is more exists for a reason.

True, we’re seeing metallics ease their way back into holiday attire, but rest assured that metallic nail colours were a go-to long before sequin tank tops were paired with leather miniskirt. Thus, the key to this season’s metallic is to think industrial: like the backdrop to your daily grind, the coldness of metal is the perfect way to modernize your nail aesthetic, with silver, gold and rust shades helping give A-line skirts and white button-up blouses a modern edge.

A revival of black nail polish is almost ironic considering it’s the one shade never to fade away (literally), but like you learned last fall and winter, few nail colours can help dress up an overall look like a black shade. However, what sets 2011 apart are the options: instead of just a sharp, black nail colour, attempt a metallic variation and combine two nail trends in one. You can also use the same tactic with grey by pairing a light, more charcoal shade that help you explore grey without abandoning black altogether.

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