How to Make Your Post-Vacation Tan Last

So you were one of the lucky ones that got to go to some hot exotic land during the dreaded polar vortex. While most of your friends are probably loathing you right now (sorry, but they are), you're no doubt clinging to the last shreds of your sunkissed tan. While we won't tell you to jump into a tanning bed (we also won't stop you from booking your next voyage to sunnier locales—just please take us with you!), we have a couple of simple fixes to make your post-vacay tan last just a little bit longer. 

Scrub it up

Usually when you get home from vacation—especially if you're returning to the bitter cold—your skin gets super dry and flaky. When this happens, your skin looks dull and it will warrant comments like "I thought you just got back from vacation—you don't look very tanned." To avoid this, make sure you're using a body scrub a couple of times a week in the shower. Buffing the dead skin off with make your skin look more polished and will retain your tan a little bit better. Try this homegrown favourite LoveFresh Pear Scrub, $30, now available at Indigo

Slather it on

One of the keys to glowing skin all year round is hydration. Sure, you've heard this again and again, but moisturized skin always looks younger and brighter—even those rocking the pasty Canadian winter tan. Slather on some body butter in the morning and at night to quench your skin and keep those flakes at bay. Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream is infused with good-for-your-skin oils and essential acids and smells quite like those margaritas you frequented on the beach. $20, available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart

Go faux

If you really want an extra boost of colour, opt for a spray tan—especially if you're heading to a party and want to make everyone insanely jealous with how dark you still are. If you want a full body glow, get it done professionally, but if you're just looking for a colour spruce-up, try St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and apply it with their infamous Applicator Mitt, which helps to get an even application. One of the best sunless tanners on the market, it'll last a couple of days—just long enough to get some envious glares thrown in your direction. $50 and $8, available at Sephora

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