Springtime Nail Colour

Despite what February would like us to believe, in only a few weeks we’ll be banishing our gloves and reveling in the warmth of sunshine and a serious lack of coat. The good news? Intense moisturizer will no longer be the name of the game. The great? With a new season come great new nail colours. Here’s how spring 2011 promises to make up for three months of wool mittens.

Nudes and Neutrals
Like the khaki-inspired safari look of the spring 2011 runway shows, browns and greens steak their claim on nails as well, with khaki and olive greens having sprung up in January shortly after the holiday aesthetic dictated party-appropriate nail-wear. And while you’ll be hard-pressed to find legitimate browns (and likely unwilling to wear them), the nude and beige alternatives work perfectly with any style, adding substance and dimension to your nails but without the safe factor of a clear coat. Just remember that if you’re already sporting a lot of neutrals, you may want to lean toward the dramatic side of nail colour to prevent looking monochromatic.

Blues and Purples
Few things say spring like the blossom-inspired tones of blue and purple, but as opposed to the dark shades you may otherwise be familiar with, this season borrows from the worlds of periwinkle and violet, staying just short of neon but maintaining a brightness still related to the vibrant tones of spring. Of course, nothing complements a neutral aesthetic like a dynamic nail colour, and few things tie a 70s-inspired ensemble together like a bright purple topcoat worn in the spirit of Marc Jacobs 2011. 

But for those not particularly inclined to wear colours that qualify as bright or vibrant, an alternative to the standard black coat has arisen in the form of metallic polish that offers depth and sheen to an otherwise opaque solution. As opposed to the flat dark neutrals that have cemented themselves as staples, this season’s metallics maintain the wearable factor of basic blacks, greys and burgundies, but maintain the lively and fun aesthetic of most runway looks thanks to their near-sparkle. (Don’t worry, 1994 hasn’t gone anywhere.)

Novelty Applications 
Of course, the best part about new nail trends is taking the plunge into novelty applications that may be wearable for only a season, but still keep nails looking lively. Thanks to nail art pens, you can take to designing atop a base coat, or channel the likes of Bestey Johnson’s spring show with pop art designs that seem like page out of Carnaby Street circa 1965. True, they may take time to apply, but they certainly beat the flower patterns and gems that made up manicures only a few years ago.

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