Fixing A Haircut Gone Wrong

It has happened to all of us: you come into a salon, desperate for a new haircut, and you end up leaving disappointed, or even worse¦in tears! Bad haircuts happen, and unfortunately, it could end up happening more than once, especially if you don’t see a regular stylist.

So how do you fix hair that’s simply all wrong? You don’t need to go home and cry yourself to sleep or hide from the world for a few weeks until it grows out, you just have to have a few key tools in your styling arsenal.

Even the ugliest of ugly haircuts can be hidden with a nice headband or some strategically placed barrettes. If the sides of your cut are too short, try pinning them back with barrettes or bobby pins “ just make sure they’re the same colour as your hair.

Get creative:
If you’re not one to straighten or curl your hair all that often, you may have to put your fears of styling tools aside. Say the hairdresser cut your hair a few inches too short, try straightening your hair every morning to make it appear longer. You can also try adding some curls with a curling iron if your new style is ridiculously flat. A neat trick for short bangs that refuse to sweep naturally involves a little creativity, too. Try to bobby pin your wet bangs to the side. As the hair dries, you’ll get a more natural swoop without much effort.

If your stylist didn’t give you what you asked for, you may need to try a few new products to style your hair in a different way. Maybe your bangs were too short and they stick to your forehead like glue “ try to reduce the bluntness of your bangs. You can do this by taking a pair of cuticle scissors and taking baby snips to the edge of your bands, just like your stylist attempted to do. This technique is a great way to thin out the bluntness of your bangs. Or maybe you need to give your hair a little oomph if you got an overall boring cut “ for this, try adding a volumizing or texture cream to add body.

Go back to the root of the problem:
If all else fails, and you turn out to be a bad hairstylist yourself, go back to the salon. A lot of the time, talking to the manager will lead you to a different stylist who can adjust the cut and correct the mistakes. If it’s only been a day or two, most salons will do it for free since it’s their fault in the first place.



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