Find the Best Hairstyle for Your Face

Once upon a time, practically every woman was walking around with a shaggy, layered, mid-length cut known as The Rachel. Inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s Friends-era ‘do, perhaps part of its appeal was that, with slight modifications, it suited a variety of face shapes.

These days, most of us are after something a little more personalized — but still flattering. Here’s how to get the best cut by considering your face shape and features:

Your Face Shape: Square
Some of Hollywood’s biggest knockouts have strong, angular jaws that typify square face shapes (think Rosario Dawson and Gwyneth Paltrow). For these women, texture”like curls or uneven ends”is the key to playing down a prominent jaw. Square-faced women can also pull off short, punky looks or longer, sleeker styles with layers that start at the jaw. Just don’t waver in between and opt for a same-length blunt cut because it will only accentuate the jaw. Let Demi Moore be your guide”she’s seriously rocked both of these styles.

Your Face Shape: Round
Minimize facial volume and create angles with cuts that hit below the chin”whether it’s a short style or just layered at that length. Softer layers are better than blunt because they give a slimming illusion. Bangs can work, so long as they are long or side-swept. Avoid a short cut if your hair is curly, as it will only add to the roundness. Think Cameron Diaz, who has long, beachy layers hitting below the chin, or Michelle Williams, who often sports a soft crop.

Your Face Shape: Oval
If you have a symmetrical, oval face shape, consider yourself lucky. You can carry virtually any look, at any length, with any texture.
Like Kate Hudson or Beyonce, you can make chic bobs, blunt bangs or undone, surfer waves part of your regular repertoire. Not as adventurous? Pick your favourite feature”gorgeous eyes or high cheekbones”and work to highlight it. Just stay away from cuts that add ’80s-like height to the top of your head”this can lengthen your face in an unflattering way.

Your Face Shape: Heart
Emphasizing a pointed chin can take away from a cherubic face. Keep the focus on other features by using swept-away bangs, a prominent part or hair that hits at or underneath your jaw.

Reese Witherspoon typifies the heart-shaped face. Follow her lead with longer layers that brush your cheekbones. Avoid anything too choppy or cuts that widen the top half of your head”this will exaggerate the narrowness of your chin.

Tell us what you think! Will you use these tips to get a cut that flatters your face shape? Let us know in the comments!

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