Best Holiday Beauty Gifts Under $50

On November 1st, holiday beauty gifts line the shelves of every department store. Tinsel-inspired polish and gingerbread scented glosses are there to remind us that it’s never too early to plan ahead. Whether you’re buying for the friend-who-has-everything, a colleague or your mother, there’s a budget-friendly beauty gift to suit them all:

1. Cake Beauty “ Indulge, $48
The sugary-sweet scent of Cake Beauty products is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. It’s no surprise that the launch of their first ever perfume (which landed on beauty counters this September) is the quintessential scent for the holiday season. With caramel syrup and island sugar-cane accents, infused with notes of vanilla and citrus sparkle, candy canes and Christmas shortbread will be long forgotten.
Cake Beauty “ Indulge 

2. Benefit “ Ticket to Glossytown Lip shine set, $26
Take note from the winter weather with Benefit’s new shimmer gloss set. This budget beauty gift is fully equipped with six pink-tinted shades (with playful names like ˜so frisk me’ and ˜spiked punch’.) Some shades are bold in hue, while others are injected with heaps of holiday sparkle. Whoever is on the receiving end of this beauty buy will be pursing their glittery lips all year round.
Benefit “ Ticket to Glossytown Lip shine se 

3. Avon, mark. “ main squeeze lip gloss, $12
These high-gloss shades may look like a standard balm, but don’t be fooled“ Avon cranked things up a notch, and just in time for the holiday season. This modern gloss is centred in a rubber-like disc, which you pinch in at the middle and apply onto the lips. With scents like papaya squeeze and honey squeeze, you can pair a gloss or two with a batch of delectable holiday treats, and they will complement the bunch.
Avon, mark. “ main squeeze lip gloss 

4. Fruits and Passion “ Foaming Bath Forest, $24.50
Not only will these fruity-scented foaming baths set you in the holiday spirit (we’re talking cranberry-love and pear-peony), but the unique fur-tree shaped bottles add an extra dash of merriness. It’s a simple holiday beauty gift that is fitting for a mom, colleague or friend.
Fruits and Passion “ Foaming Bath Forest

5. Harajuku Lovers “ Jingle G, $25
Any Harajuku Lover perfume is a suitable gift idea for a friend (there’s a scent and personality to suit us all), but the new, limited edition Jingle G fragrance is the epitome of Christmas bliss. This adorable doll is donning Santa Claus wear, and a matching red bow. The subtle scent includes notes of white star fruit, gardenia, and tangerine. Our prediction: a must-have budget beauty gift this winter.
Harajuku Lovers “ Jingle G

6. Stila Cosmetics “ Dream in Full Colour Palette, $50
Everything you’ll ever need in a makeup case is combined into a compact, dreamcatcher-shaped festive palette. This beautiful beauty gift comes with 29 eyeshadow shades, seven cheek tints, and a smudge stick. No need to become overwhelmed“the kit also features a mini booklet, providing expert advice on how to stand out this season.
Stila Cosmetics “ Dream in Full Colour Palette 

7. Quo “ Deluxe Mini Brush Set, $42
Every girl needs more than one brush in her makeup case, but it’s usually the last thing we feel like buying for ourselves. Hence: the perfect gift for a beauty-inclined gal (not to mention, bacteria collects in the bristles faster than most like to admit.) With 10 varying brush sizes, wave goodbye to common makeup woes.
Quo “ Deluxe Mini Brush Set 

8. Urban Decay “ Book of Shadows Vol. IV, $32
Wouldn’t life be easier if we had a personal makeup artist to rely on? Urban Decay kept our beauty needs in mind. Their new ultramodern makeup collection features a mini speaker that attaches into your smartphone. Just download a QR code app, scan the tutorial code (provided on a card in the makeup set), set your phone in the given-holder beside the mirror, and apply accordingly. The case also contains 16 glittery shadows (hello, holiday events), waterproof liner, mascara and a shadow primer.
 Urban Decay “ Book of Shadows Vol. IV

9. philosophy – Sugar Plum Frostâ„¢ Set, $18
When snow falls, you can never go wrong with a candy-cane scented product, but opt for something more unique with philosophy’s sugar plum gift set. It features a three-in-one sweet plum shower gel, which cleanses the skin and conditions the tresses. It also comes with a plum-scented gloss to help moisten the lips during the harsh winter months.
philosophy - Sugar Plum Frostâ„¢ Set

10. Revlon “ Single Nail Set, $24.99
As autumn ends, earthy polish tones chip away, and sparkly hues replace them. For the gal who finds comfort in monochromatic outfits, a sweep of sparkle is a subtle holiday accent that will accentuate her look. This kit includes: Revlon’s Crazy Shine nail buffer, a nail clip, patterned nail file, and three metallic nail enamels (an anticipated polish trend for winter.)
Revlon “ Single Nail Set

11. The Body Shop “ Born Lippyâ„¢ Lip Balm Selection, $15
The adorable packaging of this budget beauty gift makes it tempting to grab a handful, and offer them to everyone written on your gift-list (and maybe keeping one for yourself, too.) The vibrant, lollipop-shaped package features five moisturizing balms, each a different fruity flavour. 
 The Body Shop “ Born Lippyâ„¢ Lip Balm Selection,



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