The Best Hangover Products

It’s party season! The time of year where we feast and we laugh and we dance and we drink way too much because it’s there. So to make the next day seem less unbearable, we’ve rounded up our favourite anti-hangover products to make you feel a little more human as opposed to, well, not.

1. Water/Evian Spray
First, and foremost, drink all the water you can. All of it. Seriously, stop reading right now and get another glass. You’re hungover because you’re dehydrated, so you force that water right into your system, and stop only to spritz your face with Evian Water Spray ($11 at Sephora) — just to feel anything than the dry heat of regret.

Evian Spray

2. Lush Charity Pot Moisturizer
Depending on how dehydrated “ or sick “ you are, you might find that your hands are peeling. It’s gross, and it’s terrible (and I have experienced that horror full-on). So to combat the side effect from your additional side effects, opt for a moisturizer like Lush’s Charity Pot ($22.95) that thoroughly hydrates and also gives back to the community. Extra points for its light scent that won’t see you reliving anything you ate over the past 24 hours.

lush charity pot

3. Simple Cleansing Face Wipes
Odds are that after getting home last night, you collapsed on your bed, in your clothes, and with your makeup on. It happens! But now it’s time to wipe that mascara and eyeliner off and at least feel a little more human. That’s why Simple’s all-natural cleansing wipes ($6.74 at Wal-Mart) are so ideal. You can literally just lie there and wipe makeup off your face “ in front of the TV and everything.

Simple Face Wipes

4. B Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20
You may not need an SPF if you’re spending the day in darkness praying for reprieve, but you will need all the moisture you can get. That’s where B Kamins steps in: using maple and other essential oils to repair chapped, cracked, dry lips, you’ll combat the dehydrating effects of your night out in no time. (And the lack of scent is an added bonus.) ($21)


5. Cake Refreshing Powder
Unless you plan on passing out in there, you will not be found in the shower today. So to avoid dreadlocks or an abundance of grease, sprinkle on the Cake Hair & Body Powder, and reap the benefits of feeling relatively put together because of it. Now sip that water. Sip it all.

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