Bella Hadid Wants to Show You How to Get Ready Like a Model

On our constant quest to get closer to looking like the models that we can’t see to get enough of, it’s always nice when one of them throws us a bone and show us how it’s done. In this particular case, this proverbial beauty bone comes from Bella Hadid and Dior (to whom she is the most recent face) in the form of a series of short video makeup tutorials, whether you’re heading out to your call time (as if) or going on a date (see ya later, The Weeknd).

While we’re likely never going to be saying “I’m literally five minutes away” for a call time (and if you are, please leave the rest of us mortals alone), that doesn’t mean we can’t also perfect the model-approved makeup look that Bella and Dior present to us.

The “Call Time” video follows the recipe that we all learned in the early days of watching America’s Next Top Model — polished but not too overdone — and keeps the less-is-more makeup trend going steady (for which I am eternally grateful — if the trend ever goes away I’m forever doomed).

So, if you want to look like a model and you only have five minutes (or two, if you’re a pro like Bella because she’s taking over the world), then take this as your mini “I’m very very late for work but I need coffee” morning makeup tutorial. If you’re searching for some other Bella-fuelled makeup inspo, the other videos can be found here, here, here and here.

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