Beauty Products We Fell For!

To be honest, the realm of beauty products intimidates me. I love playing around with makeup, but when it comes to primers, moisturizers, toners, and combination whatever, it’s all too much, so I stick to the same old routine.
But NO MORE. Instead of stealing (borrowing) my mom’s powder (I am the worst), I’m branching out. So far, thanks to gifts and store samples, I’ve found a few gems. Here’s some products I’ve been surprised by.

1. Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum
Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum
Alright, first and foremost, IT WAS A GIFT. You don’t go from discount concealer to buying a real-deal beauty product, and if you are anything like me, a price tag of $97.50 will deter you pretty quick. (Thus, if anyone would like to hook me up with a gift card, I will gladly take it for when my bottle runs out.) However, your skin’s left feeling super soft thanks to Blue Ginger PFA, which helps your skin retain moisture. No greasy feeling, no weird after-film, just hydration. Which is not too good to be true, I PROMISE. (But probably explains why it’s an investment.)

2. Bioderma High Protection UVA-UVB Cream (SPF 60)
Bioderma High Protection UVA-UVB Cream 

Let the record state that I’m freakishly pale. I don’t tan “ I burn, so that’s why loading up on sunscreen is the only for me to live. Enter: Bioderma, and its line of moisturizing, non-oily sunburn protection, which actually lives up to its name. A few minutes after applying, you won’t feel like you’re wearing sunscreen at all, and since it’s dermatologist tested, you won’t break out. Surprise, surprise. (Actually.) ($25)

3. Ella’s Botanicals “ Lemon Meringue Lotion

Ella's Botanicals
Now here’s a brand you probably haven’t heard about yet. Ella’s Botanicals is a Toronto-based company started by owner Ella Nunes, who offers handmade, Canadian, fair-trade, all-natural biodegradable products. Among those is her Lemon Meringue Lotion ($15), which is super-light, incredibly effective, and smells exactly like pie. (PIE!) I’m always a little wary with moisturizers since some can make you feel like you’re wearing eight layers of skin, but Ella’s deters all fears. She offers other scents too “ as well as soaps “ so you’ve got variety as well.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo
Batiste Dry Shampoo
I didn’t try dry shampoo until last year when a road trip led to desperately needing to wash my hair and not being able to. In a moment of desperation (which is an understatement), I picked up a small bottle of Batiste Original ($5.99) and everything basically fell into place. Since, I’ve tried a slew of dry shampoos, and while they’re all reasonably good, it’s Batiste that works best for me. Less the powdery film, and more the easier to use (the spray bottled beats sprinkling powder onto your hair every time), I stand by my reasonable purchase and vow to branch into the more fun scents next time. Maybe.  

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