6 Fragrances That Will Make Summer Smell So Much Better

Summer is here, which means we're switching up our beauty routines in every way. Lighter skincare products, fuss-free hairstyles and fresh, playful fragrances. Trade in your signature scent for something a little sexier to go with the carefree summer months.

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Esté©e Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent Rollerball ($29)


Embrace the summer with the Esté©e Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent Rollerball ($29), the fragrance that managed to bottle the essence of sunshine. You’ll feel like sipping a pié±a colada on the beach when wearing this light scent with hints of bergamot, vanilla and coconut milk and the portable rollerball format makes it easy to pop into your purse for an on-the-go fragrant mood-boost. 

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