5 Ways to Feel Beautiful—Fast!

It’s not hard to feel beautiful when you’ve just had your hair done and you’re wearing your favourite LBD.

The rest of the time? You can boost your beauty confidence in a flash with these easy tricks:

Get fitted for the right bra size

Not only will wearing the right bra size make clothes look better and keep the girls where they should be, it will also be more comfortable. Plus, once you know your size, you can have fun trying on tons of pretty lingerie. Wearing a red-hot bra and panty set under even your most casual clothes will make you feel beautiful and sexy.

Keep your eyebrows groomed

Brows frame your face. Even without makeup, brows give your whole face definition, and keeping them groomed means you’re putting your best face forward. Another way to stay confident and feel beautiful is going for a regular bikini wax. Even if it’s just your little secret, it makes you feel better in your clothes”and out of them.

Have a pampering shower or soak

A soothing shower or soak in the bath is a sure bet to make you feel fresh. Take it to the next level by indulging in some extra pampering. Exfoliate, shave your legs with professional shave cream, and buff your feet. Do everything that makes you feel clean, polished and fresh. You’ll get out feeling fabulous, whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or curling up in your bathrobe with a good book.

Apply a luxurious product

Whether it’s a scented body butter, luxurious face cream or your best perfume, putting on a touch of your favourite extravagant beauty product will take you from feeling frazzled to feelin’ good. If you don’t want to splurge on expensive items, remember to stock up on samples every time you’re at the beauty counter or the drugstore.

Get groomed

A quick beauty service done by a professional is a great way to feel pampered, special and beautiful. Try a blow-dry at the salon, a free makeup application at a beauty counter or a nail polish application at the spa. If you need to DIY, try setting your hair in hot rollers or choose a fun polish colour or a bright lipstick for an at-home pick-me-up.

Tell us what you think! What’s your favourite way to feel beautiful? Let us know your comments!

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