These Scents Are Like Summertime In A Bottle

While summer can be hot, sticky and sometimes unbearable, there’s always a way to freshen up, whether it be with perfume, body mist, spray–or a combination of all of these. But wading through the fragrance aisles to find that perfect scent takes time. And sometimes, what smells good on a blotter may not necessarily translate the same on your skin, based on your body’s pH levels.

There are perfumes that are universal, timeless and always a hit (cough, Chanel No. 5); its scent is instantly striking and memorable. And, then there are new fragrances popping up every season, luring you to give them a shot.

Here are are some summery scents that have caught our attention, and maybe yours too? It’s summer, friends, and you need to smell good.

Esté©e Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche


The first entry is quite possibly “summer in a bottle” and presents a light, fresh, tropical scent that never overpowers. Top notes are citrus-leaning (lemon, orange, mandarin), while the middle notes have jasmine and orange blossom hints. The base is a soft mix of vanilla, coconut milk and a hint of woods. See, summer in a bottle, right?

Marc Jacobs Splash: Rain


If you’re wavering between new and more vetted fragrances, but want to play it safe, opt for Marc Jacobs’ Rain. The scent is stronger than you may initially expect and is quite musk-y, but in a refreshing white orchid kind of way. There’s also notes of “wet cut grass” which gives that extra kick (and strength) in smell. If you want to stand out, this is a good choice to try on your skin. And since it’s a body “splash”, which means it has a lower fragrance concentration than eau de parfums, so you can be sure that you’ll never overdo it.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer Eau de Toilette

This unisex fragrance, like the original CK One, can be experienced by all and is a new edition for 2017. It’s a mix of fiery and icy notes meant to evoke summer festivals in the desert and partying until sunrise, as it blends spicy hot pepper and saffron with refreshing lime, citron and cucumber. Plus, just look at that bottle: it screams summer with the bold blue and red aesthetic.

Cartier Baiser Volé©


Cartier’s Baiser Volé© captures the purity and elegance of the lily, with fresh, floral and powdery notes. It’s a wonderful daytime scent, but there’s something mysterious about the refined, classic lily scent that complements summer nights out so perfectly. It’s an ultra feminine fragrance.

philosophy Pure Grace Summer Surf


This limited-edition scent has a fresh laundry aura with a mix of floral, musk and sea spray notes. If you’re looking for something that evokes both a breezy clean scent and the smell of classic sunscreen, this might be for you. Reviews note that Summer Surf has great staying power, which is always a bonus on beach days.

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