5 Reliable, Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

A new US study found that consumers are being misinformed by certain beauty products labeled as cruelty-free. In other words, while a final product may not have been tested on animals, the ingredients could have been. Here, we list five beauty brands that are 100 per cent ethical:

Burt’s Bees

All-natural products can be hard to come by, but Burt’s Bees is a brand that has always remained true to its word. The brand is committed to providing products that are 100 per cent natural”using ingredients like beeswax and coconut oils instead of harmful parabens. But it doesn’t stop there: their products are free trade, the packaging is recyclable, and the brand is against animal testing. Honey has never tasted so sweet.


The products we put on our skin are just as important as the food we consume. Dermalogica doesn’t worry about frilly packaging or advertisements, and is a company devoted to educating its consumers on the importance of healthy skin care. They’re also determined to give back. The brand launched FITE (Financial Independence for Women through Entrepreneurship) in 2011, which aims to help women across the globe start a business.

De La Terre 

Not only will certain product ingredients cause our skin harm, but they can also affect our overall health (certain preservatives, like formaldehyde, are even cancer-causing.) De La Terre products help fight against this makeup reality. From eye treatments to herbal serums, every product is gluten-free, vegan, animal-friendly, paraben free, and Certified Organic. That’s what you call healthy skin commitment.

é‰minence Organic Skin Care

There are many ways to remain eco-friendly throughout every day life, and guess what? It all starts with our beauty regimen. é‰minence develops its organic skin care collection through sustainable farming (like solar powered energy) to help reduce its carbon footprint. The Hungarian-based brand also uses recycled packaging and vegetable-based inks, along with naturally-derived ingredients (we’re talking real fruit”like apples, blackberry juice and coconut milk.) Famous faces like Madonna and Megan Fox also claim to be faithful é‰minence users.

Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics

If you’re a lover of mineral makeup, you’re in luck” Lily Lolo has recently become available in Canada and the US. the London-based brand is committed to providing all-natural products without adding other harmful ingredients into its mineral compound. It’s an award-winning makeup brand that allows your skin to glow long-term, too.

Look for products with the leaping bunny logo, or search for one on the Go Cruelty Free website.

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