5 Products to Help You Ace Colour Correcting Like a Pro

Colour correction is by no means a new makeup technique, but mastering the technique doesn’t come as naturally to some of us. Since the impending summer season is calling for barely there makeup, it’s no surprise that colour correcting products have been all over the place.

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First thing’s first, you need to know which colours to help neutralize your skin concern. Sephora has helped break it down for us in the below chart.

Sephora Color Correcting

Dark circles: These are the little tiny bags under your eyes that make you look like Sleeping Beauty’s alter ego. For a fair skin tone, pink will conceal; for medium peach would be best; and for a darker complexion, orange will even out your skin tone.

Redness: For those that suffer from acne or rosacea, you can choose the colour based on the severity on your red spots. For mild redness, opt for yellow, but for severe red spots, green will offset and balance the skin tone.

Dark spots: Discolouration such hyperpigmentation needs the same kind of balancing as dark circles, so for light and medium skin tones, choose peach, but for dark and deep skin tones, orange is your man.

Dullness: Sometimes we all feel like our skin is lacking the glow and radiance it deserves. For light skin, pink cancels darkness while purple brightens medium skin tones.

Now that you have the 411 on colour correction, here are some of our favourite products to, well, colour correct.

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