5 Myths We Need to Stop Believing About Wearing Sunscreen on Your Face

It’s always surprising when you hear that people don’t wear sunscreen on their face every day but, the fact is, that most women are either not using a high enough SPF each day (or not applying enough of it) or not using it at all. While many women understand both the health and skincare benefits of keeping your skin protected”particularly on the sensitive exposed skin of your face”it’s really only in the summer months that daily sunscreen use becomes a consideration. Since we want to live in a world where we all look eternally youthful (and can steer clear of skin damage in the process), we’ve rounded up five of the biggest misconceptions about wearing sunscreen on your face”whether you’re going au naturel or layering your makeup on top”and how Coppertone ClearlySheer Lotion for Face can make a difference.

Applying your SPF foundation is enough to keep you protected
When it comes to sunscreen, applying the right amount every two hours is key. In fact, if you’re using less than the recommended amount, you’re not even getting the full SPF number that’s shown on the bottle. So unless you’re slathering on your foundation (and repeating all day), don’t count on it to protect you. And, of course, don’t forget to apply at least 15 minutes before sun exposure ”this allows the sun-Screening ingredients for both UVA and UVB rays to sufficiently absorb into your skin and do their thing. The new Coppertone ClearlySheer Lotion for Face is a great option and comes with an SPF 50 to help block those UV rays.

You don’t need sunscreen if you aren’t staying outside for long
If you work in an office and spend the better part of the day huddled in a windowless cubicle, then we can understand your resistance, but a sunscreen should be worn every single day”even on cloudy, rainy, overcast, the-sky-looks-like-it’s-about-to-fall stormy days. And, yes, that even counts in the wintertime. UVA and UVB rays can penetrate through clouds and even glass. 

Double the SPF means double the protection
If you think that you’re twice as protected with an SPF 30 than SPF 15, that’s not exactly how it works. It is true that the higher the SPF, the more protection you’re getting but, in fact, it’s a smaller margin than most people think. SPF 15 protects against 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 protects against 97% and SPF 50 protects against 98%”pretty darn close all around. 

All sunscreens are thick and uncomfortable
It’s true that some sunscreens”particularly ones that are intended for your body and not your face”can be a little on the thick side, especially if it’s a sport formula made to withstand sweat and water. But Coppertone’s ClearlySheer Lotion for Face is lightweight and breathable, but is also hydrating and has a smooth, matte finish, perfect for going under your makeup and easily becoming an everyday part of your skincare routine.

Sunscreen gives you breakouts
The non-oily ClearlySheer Lotion for Face was tested for sensitive skin and because it’s non-comedogenic, it won’t clog pores or weigh skin down. Which means you’ve officially run out of excuses not to wear an SPF on your face every day. (You can thank us later.)

Coppertone ClearlySheer SPF 50 Lotion for Body, Spray for Body and Lotion for Face are available from $9 at mass drugstores nationwide.

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  1. Avatar
    • Fila
    • July 1, 2017

    Sunscreen should be worn every single day. ??? Are you serious??? Ok if it’s written by company who is selling sunscreen I kind of get it that of course they want to sell as much sunscreen as possible. But this is just too much. Out body doesnt need chemical put on every day, and our body needs vitamin D from sun because it is super healthy and with sunscreen having every day on you you are not getting this vitamin at all! D is needed for bones, tooth, it protects from cancer and even cold! And is good for happiness! So please stop this kind of articles where you just don’t care about others people health and just want to sell your product!

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