4 Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

You did it. You survived the long winter and there is a light at the end of the tunnel”a big, bright light that comes in the form of a beautiful glowing bulb we like to call the sun. It’s almost here ladies”so close we can almost taste the ice cream, smell the sunscreen and feel the bikini on our skin. Oh, our skin. Our itchy, scratchy, dull, dry skin. It’s had such hardship for the last six months but now it’s time to get it back into prime showing off shape. Here’s how, in four easy steps. 

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep on top of exfoliating and moisturizing throughout the winter months¦and sometimes, well, you just forget to try (it’s winter and the bathroom is always freezing, do not judge me). Whatever the case, your first step to getting your body summer ready is sloughing off all that dry, dead skin to reveal the smooth beauty below. Try AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt ($29), a unique liquid salt gel that gently exfoliates any skin type while keeping it thoroughly hydrated.

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