4 New Eyeshadow Palettes You Need in Your Life

Makeup palettes are what a beauty junkie’s dreams are made of. They’re super-portable and give you tons of bang for your buck, they house the core colours you need to complete your look and, last but not least, they’re pretty to look at (don’t act like you don’t mindlessly hoard beautiful makeup palettes too, okay?). Much to our excitement, many brands have been stepping up their game when it comes to releasing practical-but-adorable beauty palettes. Some of our favourite beauty brands now offer palettes with a creative twist such as killer colour offerings, innovative packaging, targeted results and just kick ass novelty concepts. To help you understand why we’re so excited, here are four makeup palettes you need to splurge on now.

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Sephora Collection Disney Minnie Beauty: Minnie’s World in Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Matte Finish ($56)


All hail Minnie Mouse! In honour of this tres chic cartoon, this palette houses 19 shades in Sephora’s long-wear eyeshadow formula in colours that channel Minnie’s classic charm and timeless beauty. The palette features a decent selection of wearable neutrals and happy bolds to help you create a variety of eye makeup looks. Bonus: (and the reason we’re drooling over this baby) The eyeshadow palette pops out leaving behind a beautiful hard shell clutch to use when you feel like giving off that Queen of Disney vibe.

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